Looking for a Condom that Fits? BEWARE of Condom Size Charts and Condom Calculators!

best way to find a condom that fits don't use condom size chart

The importance of
condom fit has FINALLY hit the mainstream and many websites are now sharing this as the first step in finding a condom that you and your partner will actually enjoy using.

At Lucky Bloke we are delighted to see this progress. Especially as our mission has always been shifting condom education to include talk about condom sizes and proper condom fit for heightening both condom pleasure, as well as safety.

For us it has really been a no-brainer, you need to love your condom to insure that you use it as it is meant to be used: from foreplay to climax. And how can you love a condom that doesn't fit?

What we’ve noticed though, is many websites have created condom calculators and condom size charts to “help” you determine the condom you need. We’ve also noted that these calculators and charts are full of inaccuracies and misinformation.

These sites will often categorize condoms as small (or slimfit) when they absolutely aren’t – same goes for large condoms which would never be truly categorized as large. On some sites, they even go so far as to list inaccurate measurements for condoms to justify their unreliable claims. So truly, buyer beware!

A better way to determine the condom fit you need

(Aka) Why we use our cheeky toilet paper roll method for determining your condom size category...

Why? Well, the best condom for you is not going to be found by measuring your penis and looking for condom in the exact measurements noted. This is true for a few reasons. First, all penises are shaped differently as are many condoms. The size at the base of your penis may be more narrow than your shaft. The head of the penis may be smaller or larger than others who share the same shaft width or penis length.

Once you have a good idea of the size that should work for you, the next step is trying as many condoms as you can in that size category.

Further different condom shapes and materials will fit differently (and be more or less enjoyable to you). Simply put: You won’t be able to determine the best condom for you based on the results of a measuring tape or ruler.

Instead, you want to have a general understanding of your girth and then begin exploring in the size category determined by your results. This is why we have created top-rated condom assortments which allow you to sample our customer and condom reviewer favorites in each size category. We have taken the guesswork out of condom shopping, offering you the highest quality, most pleasurable condoms (from around the world) in each size category. (Yes, you can try 12 condoms without buying 12 boxes of condoms!)


How to stay safe when exploring condoms:

Pay attention to your body. If the condom slips, bunches or slides it is too large.

If the condom is too tight, it’s not that “all condoms are too tight” -- instead, your condom is too narrow and there is a good chance it will break when you need it most.

The best rule of thumb is (unless it is the only condom you have), if you don’t like the way it feels immediately switch to another one. (Another good reason to have a condom assortment on hand.)

Lucky Bloke offers the best condom samplers in three size categories:
Snug fit, secure-fit, smaller condoms (needed by 35% of men)

Standard fit, medium condoms (needed by 50% of men)

Wider fit, larger condoms (needed by 15% of men)

If you feel like you might be between size categories or you have multiple partners, we have a solution for that too: Perfect Fit Finder / "Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler

Finally, don’t forget the lube. After proper fit, the secret to improving your safety and pleasure while using condoms is a high quality, body friendly personal lubricant. No matter your age or how turned on you may be, condoms can dry you out leading to discomfort and possible rupture. If you are looking for a favorite lube, our lube samplers are a popular and affordable way to begin.

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