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Looking for the Elusive Internal (aka Female) Condom? We've Got You Covered.

1. It is always exciting when we are able to introduce a new condom that captures an under served market. Especially when it is from the genius brand (UNIQUE) who makes some of our very (very!!) most popular condoms. Yes, you can buy the female condom here.

🤩 What we really love about this new condom option is it will bring pleasure, comfort and safety to each and every one of you -- as it is worn by let's say...the receiving partner...and, thus, works for every single penis (regardless of size). 🤩


UNIQ Lady Condom (okay, okay: we didn't name it) offers many advantages for couples -- and we cannot wait for your feedback.

These condoms, featuring sexy, stretchy lace garters, are made of transparent Synthetic Resin (AT-10) which is an exceptionally thin, strong, latex free material; they are extra soft, hypo-allergenic and completely odorless;

this also means, like the entire Unique Condom Collection, you can use ANY type of lubricant with these condoms -- even coconut oil!

Lady Condom is what is also known as an internal condom or female condom. This means the receiving partner wears the condom. They are more of a one size fits all option (no matter the penis size in question, these will work and feel great) AND, again, they are non-latex.

While they come in 3-packs, we will also be making single condoms available (to get you in the mood and discover if they are right for you).

Many win-wins with this condom option.

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2. Our all-time favorite lube brand UBERLUBE has added two new color options (hot pink and white) for their frisky little GOOD TO GO.

(( If you don't have one of these handy, travel lube dispensers...we need to fix that. ))

3. ICYMI Need assistance figuring out the condom size you need?  FIND YOUR CONDOM FIT

Exploring condom fit for the first time or simply need a variety of sizes? "Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler Pack is a great place to start. Lucky Bloke offers three perfected versions of this 12-pack sampler to allow you to explore the very best condoms available internationally - and find the fit that is perfect for you and your partner.

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