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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom. Now Even Larger.

UNIQUE PLUS: The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan. Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs.  

Length: 190 mm – 7.48 inches
Width: 60-62mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm


NOTE: If you require a slimmer/tighter fitting or standard fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.  

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis. However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.

 We've been told that Unique condoms feel Sagami thin.

Reviews for UNIQUE PLUS | XL Condoms
4.7 out of 5, based on 52 reviews
from CA on
They stay on snug, don't smell, and feel great. The material is closer to a thin plastic/cling wrap than rubbery latex, with no rubber ring. Packaging and application are a bit different and need to get used to.
from South Dakota on
I tried many condoms and for me these are great. They are different but feel great.
from Texas on
Great fit, works perfect, just wish they sold in bigger packs. A three pack is a bit inconvenient to keep ordering.
from Miami on
Being that I am allergic to latex I decided to give these a try. They are definitely very different from anything I had used before and actually looked a bit like plastic wrap, however I did enjoy them. Compared to other non latex condoms, this was the closest to feeling like we weren’t using anything. My partner had mixed feelings about them though. I still recommend.
from NY on
These condoms are always good. They are comfortable on a wide shaft and do not have a constricting "rubber" part that is at the body.
from Nyc on
I have latex sensitivity and my partner had a wide member where normal condoms cut circulation- he calls this a parachute but it’s comfortable for both of us and fits him snug but relaxed with room to grow ... I add some lube and have lots of fun - gone through many packs and never had a quality issue - I would recommend
from Seattel on
These are just incredible. I had a partner look at me in bafflement last week: "Are you really wearing something?" Heat transfer. Small ridges. Feeling every bit of their insides, smoothly. Unique has solved their quality control problems from a few years ago, and these are now just truly incredible.
from Ca on
We are very impressed with these condoms. I am allergic to latex and very sensitive to most lubricants. With these I don’t get any irritation and the lube is mild and sutable for my sensitive skin. Only down side is they are a bit up there in price, I wish they sold them in bulk.
from Chicago, IL on
I bought these condoms to try out because they were so expensive compared to any other condom I had before. Lucky Bloke boasts any chance they get, that "latex-free condoms are superior to latex condoms", and I wanted to get in on the experience of a $3 condom. I've tried latex-free before with not much interest other than there is no gross latex odor (not allergic).

First off, this condom should be called something else, like a sleeve or a sheath, due to the design being so contrary to all other condom's design. I laughed at the wings on the instruction images and then pulling out this rolled up tissue, realized that this was the real deal. It looks like plastic wrap and I thought for sure, there was no way this will hold up. It doesn't look like it will stretch at all and would most likely tear as I pulled it on. It really is a "pull on" too. It doesn't roll on like a traditional condom. Also, no smell.

Once I pulled it on it got a bit stuck halfway and I could see a part that was still folded up right at the middle of my shaft. The "plastic" did meet my body so it was fully on. I panicked though, not sure if I had inserted myself into the right side as the description sticker on the skirt read "penis on this side" with an arrow. I also noticed that there was two long stretch mark like impressions on the sides of my shaft that freaked me out. Thinking I broke it, I took it off immediately began to inspect it and even stretched it until it broke. The condom stretched far, so there was no way it was broken or that it would break during sex, these things are deceptively strong.

After all that, I put on the second one. The condom is so thin and tight it really conforms and seamlessly adapts to your skin. And because of the "skirt" design, you don't have that tight band at the base of your penis; completely freeing. It was still very tight in the middle of my shaft. I might just be too thick for these. The sex was great. I, or my wife, really couldn't tell too much that I was wearing anything. And when I was done, the condom finished unfolding to accommodate the semen. I was genuinely worried that there wasn't room at the tip and it would push out around my shaft and onto the bed. It didn't. I would totally buy these again. But I will not make a habit of it since they are so much more expensive than other options. The little case like box they come in is pretty cool too. Very strong for packing and personal travel.

5 stars though I took one off because of slightly confusing instructions/expectations and that there were stretch marks after I tried to put it on.
from California on
In a word: amazing. My partner and I thought the Unique Pull condoms were the best non-latex condoms we had tried - but that was before we tried these. They're admittedly strange to put on at first, and they don't look like most condoms. But you'll forget all about that soon enough! They're extremely thin, and the heat transfer is incredible. They have become an instant favorite!

About the sizing: Being about average size, I wasn't sure how well the "XL" would fit. But the sizing seems to be more about "width" than "length." After discovering the "snugger" Unique SureFit didn't fit, I gave these a try. Very glad I did. Highly recommended!
from Brooklyn on
My partner has a sensitivity to latex that makes her uncomfortable after sex. Trying to find a non-latex condom that also fit correctly was a challenge. Once stumbling upon Unique Plus, that all changed. Not only do they fit comfortably and not cause my partner any discomfort, they feel like they disappear while wearing them. Highly recommended for the larger gentleman looking for a non-latex alternative.
from CT on
Hands down the BEST Condom we've ever used! We are ruined for all other condoms. I have a latex allergy and had been using the lifestyles skyn condoms but they started adding a masking fragrance that irritates my skin. I was so bummed out and desperately seeking something to replace them with. I ordered these and the latex free durex. We tried these first and ordered more without even trying the durex. These feel like THERE IS NOTHING THERE! The sensation is unlike any other Condom. These restored our sex life! We can't wait for alone time and are like a sex crazed couple again. I'm not exaggerating. They do look different with the skirt on them, but it's not an issue. My husband is large and it doesn't go all the way down to the base, but they fit so securely, it's also not an issue. My husband also loves these! He doesn't want to order any other brand. These are truly amazing and worth every penny!
Important note: these absolutely need lube on the outside of the Condom. I think it's great to be able to choose our favorite lube or to try new lubes, so I see this as a very good thing.
from California on
This is a great product. So much better than any latex condom I've tried, and better than most non-latex as well. In terms of sensation, it really is pretty close to having no condom at all. The regular Unique Pull condom is too tight/short if you are even slightly bigger than average. The Unique Plus is definitely the way to go in that case.
from USA on
These condoms are amazing I love how easy they are to put on due to the pull tabs. These condoms are ultra thin and feel amazing when you are wearing them it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all. highly recommended!
from DC on
Beware - if you use these, you may not be able to use anything else ever again! They're amazing. Because they're custom sized, they fit without constriction. You can feel heat transfer and essential details that you usually can't feel with a condom. If I'm wearing one and lose an erection before I have an orgasm, I can get hard again inside them. That doesn't happen for me with the elastic condom because they're so tight and I can't feel anything.

One thing, after an orgasm, make sure you take them off before you loose your erection. I've found that unlike a restrictive elastic condom, they can slip off and make a mess. Yikes!
from United States on
Since finding these condoms, my husband and i won't use anything else! they are comfortable for him and feel like nothing is between us. Great condoms!
from Sydney on
These condoms are number one for feel. Almost as good as wearing nothing at all.

Ideally I would prefer them to be a little bigger in length and width. Its a little tight.

from United States on
My husband and I looked all over the place for large, latex free condoms. There aren't very many options. These work perfectly for us because of the size and they aren't uncomfortable to put on. This is the condom we're sticking with! We love them.
from Usa on
So I got to say. Best sex I've had in a long time. I used to wear magnums but I would break them or it would be too tight. But I tried these today and I could not be happier. Felt like there was almost nothing there.
from Detroit on
I've been a swinger for 15 years and, without a doubt, this is the best condom I have ever used. I began looking for a new condom a while ago after the only other large, non-latex condom on the market didn't really cut for me in terms of feeling. The other regular large condoms had decent 'Feel' but didn't really fit my girth very well, relying more on being lengthy. Que this gem of a condom. It fits me, a typical 8 inch BBC with a 6 inch girth, like a glove. The feeling frequently feels like the real thing. To the point where several times I have honestly had to make sure I still had it on. The ladies I've played with have had to do the same thing and insure i was still wearing on. I'm not a scientist, but it feels like I've produced more 'squirters" and lady orgasms using this condom than any other time.

The fact that it's nonlatex is the icing on the cake, as many times in the lifestyle, you encounter a woman who has latex allergies and it gives you a bonus for consideration when you can use your own premium nonlatex condom.

The only drawbacks is that its a different condom, so I always find myself explaining the first time I use one to the point whre I have a set story. After I use it, the lady is always asking me where I found them so that they can buy them for their husband. The other is the cost, but, considering the results it's worth it about 3x over.
from Florida on
Super fast/easy application. Its the best condom ive used.
from United States on
There's simply no better condom out there for a larger man (or an average one using the black pack, I'd assume). Yes, they're pricey, but I'd rather pay for a condom that I'll use instead of a stash that stays in the nightstand. The phrase "barely know it's there" is thrown around a lot in condom marketing, but I'll go on record as saying that these live up to that claim. There's very little difference in feel with these due to the thinness and how well they transmit warmth. You can tell a little bit at climax/ejaculation, but otherwise it's pretty much the same as going bare.

For me, the packaging is a bit gimmicky, but I suppose if you're carrying around condoms in your pocket anyway, it's a bit nicer/easier to grab. I can't see anyone really putting this in a wallet as it's rather thick. "Installation" is easy and idiot-proof as long as you follow the directions and put it on when you're dry. Any lube or even a lot of pre-cum will take away from the feel and increase the chance of failure. Otherwise, these things stay put like champs.

- feels as good as bare
- idiot-proof install
- great fit for large members

- price

If you need a larger condom and want to actually enjoy wearing it, this is the one.
from San Francisco, CA on
I bought these condoms for my boyfriend and I since we were looking for something thin that would still accommodate his large size. I was seriously stunned by how great these felt for both he and I. He said he could definitely feel the difference in the amount of sensation and I loved the way these condoms absolutely felt. We are definitely long-term fans now moving forward!
from California on
So I was skeptical of these Initially due to the thinness but they seem to hold up great. My partner and I were both blown away by the feel. She said it felt as though there wasn’t anything there! I bought an initial pack to try then immediately bought 10 more packs after the first go
from Rochester NY on
I was looking for large and thin condoms for a while. I’ve tried a few different brands, but they all mostly felt the same: constricting and the base and not super sensitive for longer sessions.

These condoms are just large enough to comfortably use with my 7.625” long x5.5” girth penis. If anything, they are almost not large enough, so beware if you’re measurements are larger than mine.

They fit snuggly and very close. Once they are on and lubed up, the Condom adheres extremely closeto the skin and almost looks like you are wearing nothing. I found that they are so thin and sensitive it feels like I am wearing nothing at all! My wife on the other hand can not tell much of a difference. So YMMV. I personally will not go back to any other Condom.
from Louisiana, USA on
My partner loves these. He can feel more heat being transferred. The shipping is fast, complimentary lube and wipes are included, and I recieve a thank note each time I order. I have ordered these four times!
from California on
Yeah. They're definitely strange at first but for a thicker guy I've always had trouble finding anything that wasn't restrictive. As close to feeling like nothing is there as I can imagine... Really great find!
from Amarillo on
So the true struggle for me when buying condoms was finding onez that fit my width. Most of the condoms are too tight and almost hurt for me. Then when I would find some that were wide enough, they would be too thick and reduce the pleasure. The unique plus condoms fix both of these problems from me and are by far the best ones that I have tried, and I have tried a lot. Applying then took a little getting used and they are a little more expensive, but worth every penny. I highly recommend.
from PacNW on
This is by far the best condom for anonymous oral sex, hands down. It's primarily because of the significant amount of heat transfer and sensation that is transmitted through the extremely thin but super strong clear AT-10 material that these are made from. You can actually see right through the fully transparent condom, and the recipient(s) of your fellatio performance will tell you that it feels pretty much as though they are wearing close to nothing at all. They are more expensive than latex condoms, but because of the super sensation they provide during oral sex they are worth every penny. Stay safe but don't forfeit a quality oral experience. Being single and remaining sexually active poses a significant challenge when it comes to steering clear of STI's in this day and age. The CDC showed 468,514 reported cases of Gonorrhea alone in 2016. That's 145 cases per 100,000 people. You can have your cake and eat it too (a rather large slice of it, at that) with Unique Plus. Try a pack, both you and your next encounter will truly be amazed.
from VA on
These are amazing, so thin and Allie for much larger cock size. The only complaint I've had is that they feel like they might come off, but haven't yet.

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