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Atlas | True Fit

5 reviews

By Atlas

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Size: S - Smaller / Snugger Fit / Standard / Latex

Comfortable, Secure Fit

Atlas True Fit condoms feature a contoured shape and a snug, secure fit. 
Shorter and narrower than your standard condom, they are lubricated for 
extra glide and enhanced enjoyment, the contoured head offers increased 
sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers a secure and tighter fit. 
You'll find this is a basic smaller condom. 

Atlas condoms are produced to the highest global standards.

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5 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
Anon from NC on Oct 26, 2015
Great condom! True fit, no slip!
Me from California on May 02, 2015
My boyfriend and I used the atlas true fit condom and it worked great! Stayed on nice and snug no slip ups!! Great product!
. from Michigan, USA on Nov 27, 2014
These condoms fit amazingly! The lubrication on them is really nice too. My girlfriends skin is really sensitive and these condoms feel great for her.
Anon from USA on Sep 03, 2014
This was amazing. Loved the feel and snug fit.
William from USA on Aug 17, 2014
These were awesome! Fit very well on me. I am narrower and smaller than average and these worked great! One of my favorites out of the small condom sampler.
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