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German Technology Brings You Another Great Ride.

One of Europe’s favorite premium condom brands, brings you their latest and greatest: Billy Boy WHITE. Offering great sensation, the anatomical design has been rigorously tested for both comfort and safety. Generous silicone lubricant ensures a slick ride that you and your partner are sure to enjoy. Billy Boy WHITE are slightly fragranced.  WHITE condoms are made in Germany from 100% all-natural superior latex to ensure reliability and maximum comfort. Billy Boy condoms exceed international standards.

Reviews for Billy Boy | White
2.8 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Canada on

I wasn't thrilled with this condom, but it was much better than some of the others that I've tried. I was excited to try the Billy Boy brand, as they are made in Germany and I've heard they are high-quality condoms.

For sensation, I found it to be slightly above average, but noticed a lack of heat transfer.

I didn't notice a strong taste or smell to this condom.
from Indiana on
This condom was way too thick. I don't know what its exact thickness is, but I would guess somewhere in the range of .06 to .08 mm. It fit without any issues, and the quality of protection seemed to be fine, but it was not an enjoyable product to use at all.

Heat transfer was greatly reduced due to the thickness of the condom, which is a big no-no where our tastes are concerned. And, that wasn't just on my end; my wife noticed, as well, and asked me to just take it off and switch to something else so that she could actually feel me the way she expects to. I was happy to oblige, of course, as I couldn't feel her the way I usually do, either, which was a big mood killer. So, I promptly switched to the EXS Air Thin, which was much better and is covered in a separate review. Top-notch orgasms ensued, and the evening was saved. ;-)

Anyway, I would place the Billy Boy White roughly on par with the Glyde Ultrathin ("ultrathin" being a total misnomer in this context) or the Trojan ENZ. Truth be told, though, I would probably wear either one of those other two before I would use this one again (even though I don't really like those, either).

The one star I did give this product was for fit and quality of protection just because it fit fine and seemed to offer the expected degree of protection. But, that's pretty much it, just the bare minimum (so to speak).

I guess if I didn't have anything else on hand and absolutely had to partake of my wife that very instant, I might use it. Otherwise, I have no reason or desire to use this product again.
from U.S. on
I bought this condom as a curiosity and afterwards went to the website to look up the size (52mm wide, 175mm long). I regretted it as soon as I realized it was too short; however it went way past my expectations when I tried it on. It fit as if it was 195mm long, had great latex, wasn't too thick or too thin, good-feeling lube, and the lube it did have lasted longer than normal. All in all, it feels like an ordinary condom, but at a higher quality. It's a really good basic condom that I can see myself getting again, but I wouldn't call it my absolute favorite.
from Missouri on
Billy Boy White are not advertised as super thin. I think that point is really good to point out. I think it's just supposed to be a high-quality condom that is slightly better than most.

The two things that I liked most were that the condom was super soft and very high-quality latex and there actually seemed like a decent amount of lube. Both of these I think contributed to the fact that it was a comfortable condom and didn't dry up my vagina. Also, I should note that my guy is average size and that the fit was great; not too tight, nor super loose.

Some things I didn't like: they are thick, slightly scented, and in my opinion, they weren't anything that blew me out of the park. The part about being lightly scented is that vaginas are very delicate ecosystems and if you've ever had a UTI or a yeast infection, you would want to avoid them if it were very easy to too. For those reasons, I try not to put scented anything near that area. For a latex condom, I still prefer the One Zero (or ZeroThin condom) with a good high-quality lube. That provides a pretty good heat transfer and is slick enough to make things spicy. :)

This wasn't my favorite, but if I needed one I would still use it. I would say that if you like the no frills condoms, that you should definitely try this. I would say that it would be a more luxurious experience than maybe you are used to :)
from MT on
Fit was fine, but I feel like I lacked sensitivity compared to other ultra thin condoms. I don't think I would use this one again.

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