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Give & Ye Shall Receive: the Ultimate Oral Enjoyment with Lady Cheeky!

If you have mad skills, the perfect blow job is a pleasure to both give and receive. And, of course, we're here to up your oral game. We've partnered with the delicious Lady Cheeky (award-winning Sex Expert) to make certain, you have the gear you need to rocket mutual pleasure skyward -- and to get yourself accepted to the Oral Pleasure Hall of Fame.

The "Lick by Lick, Blow by Blow" Oral Sex Kit includes Lady Cheeky's favorites:

6 TOP CONDOMS (best selection based on the size you select) including best-sellers like:   Okamoto 004, ONE Fresh Mint, Skyn, Skyn Large, GLYDE Flavors

6 Assorted Flavored Lube Packets (from Sliquid, Wicked Sensuals and Encounter Delicious)

2 INTIMATE WIPE: Swipes, Unscented

How could it possibly get better?!
A portion of this purchase supports: San Francisco Sex Information

Please note: Sheer Latex Dams are a great option during oral play,
while they are not included in the kit, you can check them out here. 


Lady Cheeky is a sex educator, sex writer and sensuality coach who speaks nationally on sexuality, body image and redefining your sensual self (before and) after 40. She is also the creator of two popular and award winning websites, the sensual images blog (NSFW) and the editorial sex, erotica and sex-ed site

You can also find her royal sexiness on Twitter and Facebook.

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