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Keeping Sexy Citizens Protected & Armed for Pleasure with Redhead Bedhead

We certainly understand that this land is full of opportunity. And we don't want anything to get in the way of your next adventure. So we've partnered with Safe Sex Hero, JoEllen Notte (aka The Redhead Bedhead) to make certain that your next one-night (two-or-three night) stand -- begins strong and ends with ultimate satisfaction. While you may not always know what you'll encounter in the bedroom, a sexy superhero is prepared for anything.

With 6 best-selling condoms (you choose the size), 4 kinds of lubricant,
2 freshening wipes & mini toothbrush --  The Sexy Superhero Survival Kit contains most everything you'll need to rock some hot safer sex -- no matter what you may come up against. From fantastic condom options to lube preferences to morning breath you’ll be ready to face it with the Sexy Superhero Hook-Up Survival Kit! 

Kit includes:

6 TOP CONDOMS (best selection based on the size you select) including styles like:   Okamoto 004, Skyn, Skyn Large, GLYDE, FC2 (Female) Internal Condom

4 LUBE PACKETS: Sliquid Organic Gel, Please Gel, überlube, Please Cream


2 INTIMATE WIPES: Swipes, Unscented

How could it possibly get better?!
A portion of this purchase supports: Fistula Foundation

Meet JoEllen Notte

The Redhead Bedhead came to life when JoEllen decided she wanted to talk about sex on the internet ("Do people even do that?!") She has gone on to write for multiple outlets (including her own award-winning blog), attend conferences, teach workshops and tour North America's best sex shops. A writer, educator and adult-retail consultant The Redhead Bedhead is on a mission to save the world from mediocre sex.

Check her out at or on Twitter and Facebook.

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