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There's a lot of controversy surrounding lube ingredients and body safety. Because we're committed to only offering the highest quality, safest products, this is the only Astroglide formula we offer. Astroglide Natural Lubricant provides light lubrication for enhancing the comfort and ease of all types of intimate activity. Developed to mimic natural body fluids, Astroglide not only lubricates, but also acts as a moisturizer for dryness. Astroglide's long-lasting super-slick formula is water-based and petroleum free. Astroglide will intensify the pleasure and sensitivity for both partners.

Available in a 2.5oz bottle.

Reviews for Astroglide | Natural
4.2 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
from chicago on
Its a great waterbased lubricant!
from Riga, LVA on
This lube is almost the best lube I've ever tried, it's long lasting and super smooth, if only it was gel based, would be even easier to apply.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Dec 03, 2012
Thanks for the review. If you are interested in Astroglide Gel formula you can get it at our site: It is $8.99 for the bottle and shipping is only $1.99 (international flat-rate!) Lube reviews are a great benefit to our site. We appreciate the feedback. - LB HQ
from NY, NY on

Would you USE this lube again? YES
Would you BUY this lube again? YES

We have just started using lube and can't believe how much better it makes sex. This Astroglide performed without getting sticky or too thick.

from AZ on

Would you USE this lube again? YES
Would you BUY this lube again? YES

I never realized how much lube would improve condom use. The extra wetness makes the condom much less intrusive to the experience. I am converted!

from California on

Would you USE this lube again? YES
Would you BUY this lube again? YES

I have only used Astroglide and will only use Astroglide. Why fix what isn't broken?

from Chicago on

Would you USE this lube again? MAYBE
Would you BUY this lube again? NO

There was nothing wrong with this lube. It just wasn't anything special. I prefer Sliquid.

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