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UNIQ Lady Condom (okay, okay: we didn't name it) offers many advantages for couples -- and we cannot wait for your feedback!

These condoms, featuring sexy, stretchy lace garters, are made of transparent Synthetic Resin (AT-10) which is an exceptionally thin, strong, latex free material; they are extra soft, hypo-allergenic and completely odorless;

this also means, like the entire Unique Collection, you can use ANY type of lubricant with these condoms -- even coconut oil!

Looking for FC2? We have a better option!
Lady Condom is what is also known as an internal condom or female condom. This means the receiving partner wears the condom. They are more of a one size fits all option (no matter the penis size in question, these will work and feel great) AND, again, they are non-latex.

Many win-wins with this condom option.

Your partner does not need to (and should not) wear an additional condom. An "air bubble" is the internal retention feature and sexy (very stretchy) lace garters. Your partner will only see the garters. (Many women report the air bubble enhances pleasure.) These can be worn during your menstrual cycle.

Remember -- because it is worn inside, it works for all sizes of penises. All in all it's a great condom to have in any woman's sexy arsenal (aka tool kit). 

Manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards, it is manufactured by the geniuses who bring us the entire UNIQUE Condom collection, by far a customer favorite.

PERFORMANCE TIP: On a sensual note, synthetic resin is a heat sensitive material (it warms up and adheres to the vaginal walls during sex) leading to a more natural, pleasurable feeling for both partners.

While they come in 3-packs, we will also be making single condoms available (to get you in the mood and discover if they are right for you).

Eager to get these condoms into your hands, new (improved) photos will follow.

NEW CUSTOMER REVIEW (Read below and see why we have the BEST customers. Hands down!)

I noticed you don’t have reviews up for the Unique Lady Condom and I wanted to share mine. I got a chance to try this today and my partner and I both absolutely loved it. She was a little nervous about popping the bubble during insertion, but with a little laughter and teamwork we got things well situated.

This condom is amazing. It felt fantastic for both of us: it felt almost like nothing at all, and the fact that she could hold my bare skin as she guided me into her made us both very happy. The slight wrinkles just added texture, and it sized itself perfectly to both of us. It was wonderful to be able to slide out, play and talk, and then slide back in, teasing each other and then resuming, without needing to re-fit or replace a condom. 

(I’ve also tried the FC2 in the past. It’s a much less pleasant texture, and leaves a rubber “gasket” sticking weirdly out of the vulva)

This is emphatically now my favorite condom, and I’m looking forward to getting to explore and experiment more.

--Your very happy customers in Seattle.

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