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Very Tasty, Very Vegan, and Very Vanilla! 

Encounter’s Delicious Vanilla Lubricant is water-based, silky, light, sensual and oh-so good. New Encounter Flavored Lubricants are a tempting line of specially formulated lubricants that are sugar-free, paraben-free, non-glycerin based, and 100% Vegan certified. Perfect for the times when you desire some extra oral fun. 

Available in .27oz (8ml) foil packets, .81oz (24ml) bottle, or a 2oz (59ml) bottle


Reviews for Encounter Delicious | Vanilla
4.4 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Indiana on
My wife and I don't usually use lube, but she really liked this when we used it for oral play. She said she really enjoyed the texture and flavor, and I would add that she certainly seemed to be enjoying it from my perspective, as well. ;-)

We didn't notice it be inordinately messy or sticky. Overall, this is a very good product.
from United States on
Best, most natural vanilla flavored lube I have tried. It doesn't seem very sticky either like a lot of flavored lubes seem to be. Definitely will be keeping this on my subscription.
from Midwest on
My wife and I both really enjoyed this product!! I will be buying a larger container of it!
from Nebraska on
Great taste/smell!
from California on
This is has an incredibly vanilla cupcake flavor--no funky artificial sugar taste. The lubricant works exceptionally well--not thick and greasy yet still works better! A very smooth (and tasty) experience. Tried the blueberry as well. It tastes exactly like a ripe, sweet blue berry-- not candy. Incredible. Great lube--great flavor--everyone wins, especially when your partner asks for seconds...

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