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Good Clean Love | CBD CaraGold - NEW!!

Good Clean Love | CBD CaraGold - NEW!!

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By Good Clean Love

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Naked (with a Hint of CBD hemp oil).

CBD CaraGold is a natural, water-based personal lubricant infused with the powerful healing ingredients of organic CBD oil. CaraGold is also infused with food grade carrageenan, a form of red algae. In addition to creating a sensual and long-lasting glide, carrageenan has shown excellent potential in ongoing clinical studies as a potent inhibitor to HPV. 

CBD CaraGold is the only personal lubricant formulated with European-certified organic CBD hemp oil, which is made easily bio-available through their patent-pending transdermal transfer technology.

Condom compatible and toy friendly.

While you should always listen to your body and seek professional advice if you are concerned, users have claimed that CaraGold helps ease painful sex. Also GCL claims this lube is a "natural replacement" for silicone lube. Tell us what you think!
Available in a 4ml individual packet and a 2oz tube

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