Feel Restored, Clean & Confident

S+HE Intimate Fitness offers a natural cleansing foam that works with your body's natural chemistry to comfort, calm, restore and re-balance.

Holistically formulated, nourishing organic and natural ingredients are partnered with proven science to protect and accelerate the repair of sensitive skin. Enhance your comfort, confidence, allure and well-being with this Natural Cleansing Foam.

Natural Cleansing Foam for Intimate Fitness™

  • pH balanced rich foam conditions, protects and defends
  • Supportive, calming and fortifying to skin
  • Moisturizes to calm irritated or dry sensitive skin
  • Beneficial for intimate or all over body use
  • Infused with comfrey to stimulate repair and to soothe mucous membranes
  • Enriched with bergamot, rosemary and orange peel natural botanicals
  • No parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerin or dyes
  • Designed with the latest and smartest high quality ingredients
  • 2 fluid oz. meeting TSA requirements
  • Enhances personal comfort, confidence and radiance