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TROJAN | XOXO Condom - NEW!!

TROJAN | XOXO Condom - NEW!!

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Size: M - Medium / Standard Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

Soft to the Touch, Low Odor
Advertised as "a whole new kind of condom", the TROJAN XOXO Condom offers Softouch (thin latex), aloe-infused lubricant (for pleasure), and low-odor (which in the past is very difficult to find when using a Trojan condom). Is this TROJAN marketing hype? Or will our favorite customers and condom reviewers agree?  TROJAN goes further to suggest women will feel "Smart. Sexy. Confident." when carrying this new condom. (At Lucky Bloke, we prefer women feel smart, sexy (all the time) and confident when they carry any condom...are hesitant to believe THIS condom offers magical confidence-boosting qualities...)

Cheekiness aside, we are passionate about condom excellence and we look forward to your thoughts on this one.  
TROJAN, a favorite condom in the US, are manufactured to the highest global standards.

SIZING TIP: This is a standard sized condom. If you require a more tailored fit or a more generous (XL) fit and desire advanced condom technology try: Naked Luxury condoms.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking).

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