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Pleasure Works | Please Cream

8 reviews

By Pleasure Works

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Slip into Something Sexy 
Newly re-formulated, Please Cream Lube offers superior slickness in a light, creamy texture. It's great for all manner of intimate play. Created using natural ingredients, Please Cream provides luxurious, long lasting moisture in a glycerin-free, paraben-free water-based formula that is body-friendly and silicone toy safe. Sleek and soothing, Please Cream is a great choice for keeping your frisky fun friction-free. 

Also available in Please Liquid and Please Gel formulas.

Available in 5ml foil packets, in a 2oz bottle, or in a 8oz bottle.
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4.4 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
1212 from Japan on Mar 10, 2016
This cream was OK and definitely better than products I've had from drug stores in the US. It's non-irritating which is great!- however, compared to other options on this site, I'd say this one isn't exceptional. Maybe I'm too sensitive, but for me this cream wasn't really "slippery" in the way I'd like it to be.
M. R. from Los Angeles on Oct 13, 2015
Partner and I tried every lube in the sample pack, plus many others over the years. This is by far the best, buying the bottle this time.
Karyne from NC on Mar 20, 2015
I read a review that the person didn't like the "color" of this and that it isn't really a cream. Well, that's not true at all. It's a light creamy white and if that reminds you of something else, it should only enhance the whole play time between the sheets, not "put you off". That being said, hubby and I have tried multiple lubes, gel, natural based, silicone, etc. You name it, we've probably tried it, even the ones that make you mutually tingle(not our favorite but if it works for you, go for it). This was felt so completely different from the usual clear gels. A soft, velvety texture that wasn't sticky or slimy, just really natural feeling. I will say that sometimes you gotta switch the lube with the type of condom you are using. Hubby had on the Kimono really thin one so that enhanced things really nicely.(for example if you are using a thicker latex, then you might want a gel based silicone so it will last longer). This one definitely took our night to warp speed if you get the drift. Try the sample at the very least. I can almost guarantee you'll be back for the big bottle like I am right now.
Ana from Estonia on Dec 07, 2014
This product should have a different name, not "cream". It's very liquid. Neutral smell and taste, so it works as lube but i didn't liked the color (sperm-like. in certain cases it might be a bit confusion and even scary) and im not buying this one again.
K from Canada on May 01, 2014
My husband and I bought the foil packet of this as a sample, and it is our favourite one so far. It felt really natural, but almost better than natural, which was great. It's long-lasting too. We are definitely going to purchase this in a larger size. Five stars. Go buy it.
Candice L. from NYC on Feb 25, 2014
I really had no idea how great sex with lube would be. Wow! From now on I will always have a bottle of this lube on my bedside table.
Anon from KS on Nov 30, 2013
Creamy, silky, and surprisingly long-lasting! Definitely the best lube I've ever tried, and the SO liked it too ;)
Ashley from TX on Jun 13, 2013
This lube is possibly the creamiest and smoothest that my boyfriend and I have ever tried. It doesn't leave any sticky feeling and overall it's a nice lube.
My only complaint is that I feel like it doesn't last long enough and has to be re-applied. However, it's totally worth it. Definitely recommended.
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