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Encounter | Amazing

7 reviews

By Encounter

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Pleasure and Sensation Heightened Here
Encounter’s Amazing water-based arousal lubricant is infused with Arginine to heighten pleasure and sensation to both the clitoris and G-spot. Formulated with Vitamin E, and both glycerin-free and paraben-free. Amazing is safe, long lasting, 100% Vegan certified, and gentle on the skin.

Available in .27oz (8ml) foil packets and in a 2oz (59ml) bottle.

PRODUCT SAFETY ALERT: if you have the herpes virus, please use caution with products containing Arginine.
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Reviews for Encounter | Amazing
4 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
from USA on
My first thought upon opening the package and smelling this lube was about the blue, mentholated aloe vera gel for severe sunburns, but that's because I used to go to the beach without sunscreen and find myself lying naked on top of the sheets all night, completely coated in that awful stuff from neck to toe in my young and dumb days. Icy Hot is a more commonly known, accurate comparison for the scent though lol.

I was pleasantly surprised that my sensitive cupcake was not set ablaze by an arousal product. Though I will admit, as I sat on my bed post-sexcapade, she, my cupcake that is, was feeling a little uncomfortable. We used this product first during foreplay for an intimate massage and then for vaginal intercourse. I couldn't tell that anything was happening as far as sensation goes...until after. I wiped the product away right after use, but what I couldn't wipe away felt like Icy Hot had been applied...except it didn't feel good. The effects eventually wore off as I slept and I woke up back to normal.

As far as the texture and consistency, it is moderately slick and gel-like. Here was a surprise for me: my husband liked the viscosity of this lube. Our favorite lubes have been the ones that are very thin, but he actually liked the thicker, gel-like nature of this lube. He did say though that he didn't like the stickiness and I agree...it is pretty darn sticky after a few seconds of friction. As he put it, "that only mattered for the outside; inside, it felt great." So I suppose it loses moisture fairly quickly and what's left are the sticky/tacky ingredients. Note to self: find an amazing, gel-like lube!

While this product may work for some, it is not for me. Maybe I'm doing this whole arousal product thing wrong since I have been unable to use them in the past due to horrifying flesh infernos, but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to feel uncomfortable. Onto the next one!
from Alabama on

There was nothing special or exciting about the packaging but it was very easy to open. This was my guy's first time using lube so maybe this was all human error but it seemed to get EVERYWHERE! I had lube all up my butt crack and running down my leg lol. There was a distinct medicated smell and I agree it reminded me of icy hot. Then I got warm and thought "ooo this could be nice" but then it really started to heat up! It wasn't intense enough that I needed to wash it off but it was definitely warm enough to distract me from "finishing."

My guy said the only thing the lube added to our experience was a mess....maybe I'll apply the lube myself next time lol. It washed out easily but I still had a lingering icy hot feel that took a while to go away.

I don't have anything to compare it to as of yet but this is not a lube I would use again.
from Ohio on
Great lubricant, and honestly this produced one of the most "pleasurous" experiences my partner has ever had. Lasted a long time without having to use too much. Highly recommended.
from Minnesota on
4 out of 5 Stars
LHOEY2842 from Minnesota

Product was very nice, used with my husband, was kind of a standard lube, nice and slick and remained that way, did not gum up or disappear. Was a little sticky on my skin during use, I could feel my skin sticking to my husbands skin but that is the only complaint I have and it's not a bad one, barely even noticable, he said he didn't notice it! Washed off very easily, barely even had to try to take it off. Smelled nice, honestly it smelled like Icy Hot! Haha Kind of weirded my husband out since he hates the smell of Icy Hot but I enjoy it! Would repurchase!
from Croatia on
At first didnt feel any difference than a normall lube ,the consistency is nice though, but than it started to have slightly cooling effect. And thats great as sometimes the heat from friction can lower the sensation.
from Out West on
Amazing is the perfect name for this lube. It heightened every sensation. This is my go to for a fun night.
from CA on
I came so hard when I used this solo -- clitoral stimulation only. Really, really, really looking forward to using it with my boyfriend for that G-spot stimulation!
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