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Surprise a favorite sweetheart with foldable little notes that can be customized with your sexy, cheeky, or sincerest thoughts.  Easy, fun, and reminiscent of passing notes in class, Fill in the Love Notes offer a practically effort-free way to make someone’s day.  Where will you leave today's note? In the car, your lover's lunch, at the bedside? You decide.  (48 total pages of customizable love.)

A Few Fill-In Pointers:

  • People love to be loved, but they crave specifics. They want to be told precisely what you love about them. So if you’re not a poet, or even a good speller, don’t sweat it. Just be detailed and real.


    Knock Knock Fill in the Love Instructions

    Printable Version (Click to Download)

  • Seemingly banal choices can be surprisingly effective. (“I love your nose.”)
  • Write out your fill-ins on a separate piece of paper first. It’s less pressure.
  • If you’re stuck, cross out and rewrite the prompts to make them work for you.

Specifics to Consider:

  • Unexpected physical aspects (ears, voice, scent)
  • Little things you secretly enjoy (the way they say hello, brush their hair, twitch in their sleep)
  • Qualities you admire that the person may be unaware of (an adventurous spirit, a desire to be happy, a facility with power tools)
  • Positive ways this person has affected you (teaching you to cook, helping you deal, upping your chess game)

Oh, And Also:

  • Don’t overthink it.
  • Don’t judge.
  • Just relax.
  • They’re going to love it.

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