About Lucky Bloke

Want Better Sex?! Want Safer Sex?!

Great. We’ve Got You Covered! 
Lucky Bloke: International Purveyors of Pleasure

We focus on your pleasure…because we care about your safety.

We’re a feisty, sexy company (with a female CEO) committed and determined to
support your safer sex needs.

We offer premium quality condoms at affordable prices, with reasonable shipping,
world-wide.  It’s our goal each and every day to earn and deserve your business!  
No matter where you live, we ship condoms internationally affordably!

For far too long, the common perception of condoms has suffered from
gross oversimplification.

Most people are not aware that quality and fit are as essential to condoms as they
are to any other form of intimate apparel.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that many people, through repeated, uncomfortable
have come to view condoms as a necessary evil. 

Which in turn leads many people toward choosing the cheapest condoms available. 

Lucky Bloke is committed to busting these widespread condom myths
once and for all:

•  that all condoms are one-size fits all; and,
•  that all condoms are created equal.

When you are (or your partner is) wearing a condom that fits properly, your pleasure,
as well as your safety, is exponentially increased. When it comes to condoms and
pleasure, the RIGHT SIZE MATTERS!

Once you understand this, you’ll never again have to sacrifice pleasure for safety.

You’re the reason Lucky Bloke exists. 

Having launched in early 2012, Lucky Bloke is certainly not the biggest retailer of
condoms in the world. With plenty of room to grow, our team is deeply committed to
continually optimizing our service. We’re grateful for our wonderful customers and
reviewers –who help us increase our understanding of their wants and needs every day.

A strong, tangible commitment to positive social change is at the core of all we do.

That’s why it means so much to us that we’re able to:
•  bring you the very best condoms from around the world,
•  discreetly ship condoms world-wide (for just $2.99!), and,
•  donate 10% of our profits to groups that make a difference in the world we share

Socially committed, a minimum of 10% of Lucky Bloke’s profits go to to important causes
that make the world a better, safer place. Current causes (and organizations) include:
charity: water, 
Scarleteen, and UNICEF.

And if you have a cause that is important to you, drop us a line and let us know about it!

We believe that quality, integrity, and transparent giving are essential to building a
sustainable business, and that sustainable businesses are vital to local communities,
helping to make this world a better place.

We also believe that you deserve a condom company that not only offers you the world’s very best condoms, but also works tirelessly to provide the best customer service experience possible.

Speaking of which: Have something to tell us?
We’re ready and waiting to hear from you.

Lucky Bloke at your service!  How may we earn your business today?

Lucky Bloke: Have More Sex & Save the World!


“You guys carry a tremendous selection of products, have world-class customer support, and your shipping is crazy fast.  Why wouldn’t I shop here?”

“Lucky Bloke’s Customer Service Rocks. Your discreet, affordable shipping is A+!!”

“Lucky Bloke is very attentive – very good at staying in contact and making sure everything is sorted out correctly. Innovative and fresh.”

“You are SO helpful, responsive, and genuinely interested in your customers – it makes me want to buy from you because I know you have a great team who is passionate about what you do. You carry a broad selection and the packaging is very discreet!” 

“Accessible, great variety of condoms and u donate to charity which is amazing!”

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