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If you order any of our Ultimate Condom or Lube Samplers (6 and 12 packs) try them out and aren't impressed – We'll refund your money! There will be no hassle. It's that simple.

Prefer to make your own condom and lube selections? Excellent, but if your order didn't rock your world contact us, we'll send you the Ultimate Condom Sampler (12-pack) of your choice absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.  (Unless your order was under $10, then we'll send you the 6-pack of your choice.)

Lucky Bloke is ready to be your partner in health and pleasure.

So, determine your condom size and enter the land of hotter sex with condoms.

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Q. Will anyone know what is inside my package?
Our shipments are 100% DISCREET, your product will arrive in a simple, unmarked package. (See image below.) It will not say condoms or lube anywhere on your package or credit card/banking statement

Q. Do you ship to _______________________?
Yes. We ship all over the world (and have customers in 95 countries)!

Q. How much will it cost to ship to _______________________?
We ship all orders over $29 (worldwide) FREE!! 

Purchases under $29?!  
Our shipping rates are quite affordable:  

$1.99 - 3.99    United States: flat-rate
$4.99 - 6.99    International: flat-rate   

Please note: in January 2018, USPS raised the rate of 2oz-8oz international packages to $9.50! Because of this, we were recently forced to raise international rates from the $3.99 flat-rate price we previously offered. As you'll see, we're sharing the cost of shipping your package because we are sorry (and frustrated) about the USPS price increase!

Q. How long will it take to ship to _______________________?
Typically, we'll ship your order in 12-24 hours from the time you place it. (Often sooner!) US orders arrive in 2-4 days and international orders arrive in 6-10 days! If you do not have your order within 1 week (US) and 2 weeks (international), please let us know!

ALWAYS VERY DISCREET SHIPPING. Your privacy is our priority.


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