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  • My partner hates condoms so I purchased these to try. He's been excited to try ALL of them! Lucky Bloke was awesome about sending me what I DID want to try and not sending what I DIDN'T. Fantastic customer service :-)

    Lis | Virginia, USA

  • What an amazing store! I was so excited when I stumbled on your website. Thank you for your help in finding great sex with condoms. My husband and I had given up on condoms, but our recent purchase has definitely changed our whole perspective. Shipping was fast and discreet (despite being in Australia!!) and the selection was exciting! Everyone should give this store a go. Thank you!!!

    Toni | Australia

  • Lucky Bloke is the answer to my dreams. Throughout my sexual life I've NEVER liked using condoms because they always had that "one size fits all" feel... My Lucky Bloke experience was 100% awesome. I ordered online and by the weekend I had by shipment delivered in a plain envelope. I've already repeat ordered after having exhausted my first 12 condoms. Yes, they're that good!

    Spicy | Los Angeles, CA USA

  • I've had problems with condoms for a LONG time. I never had a positive experience... NO ONE taught me that a proper fitting condom makes all the difference. This condom sampler was a great way to try different sizes and find the one that was just right...We couldn't wait to try another one from the 'mystery bag.' Now I'm a happy man. My girlfriend is just as thrilled!  

    Robert | New York, USA

  • The sampler packs are great. There were brands I've never seen before including one which is now my favourite. They also give you a chance to try different sizes which really helps you figure out why a good fitting condom is so important.

    James | Canada

  • Such a great selection (exceptional is a better word since I was pleased with the feel and fit of these from the get-go), great customer service that was very responsive in my initial product questions. AND excellent shipping and delivery speed. Lucky Bloke will be my go-to for incredible condoms.

    Edward | Canada

  • Boyfriend and I LOVED trying out this sampler pack for our weekend away. I can honestly say this helped his confidence in the bedroom...getting him excited about condoms and finding his perfect fit took a huge burden off of us. THANK YOU Lucky Bloke! You've got repeat customers here :)!

    Marissa | USA

  • Thank you for offering such a large variety of condoms and lubricants! You have already made my husband’s and I transition to using condoms for the first time so much easier and stress free! We were able to find multiple products that will suit both our needs. It’s a fantastic website, quick shipping, and awesome way to spread awareness! Time to get busy ! Thanks!

    Nicky | USA

  • Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks.

    I've ordered stuff from you guys several times, and I've received nice, handwritten notes every time. And this past time, I not only received instructions on how to tell the difference between two different SKYN condoms I ordered as well as a complimentary 3-pack of condoms for my loyalty. You guys really know how to make someone feel good. Thank you so much for being a great company and good luck with everything moving forward -- I'll certainly be ordering from you again. Thanks!

    John W. | Pennsylvania, USA

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