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6+ Best Small Condoms for Smaller Penises: More Secure Condoms for Better Sex

Posted on February 24, 2017 by LUCKY BLOKE

At Lucky Bloke our mission is to lead you to the land of amazing sex with condoms. With a selection of the world’s best condoms at our fingertips, we’re here to prove that the right condom will actually improve your sex life.

Got a question for the Lucky Bloke Condom Experts? Let us answer it so you can concentrate on having the hottest sex possible!

Today, we bring you 6 of the Best Condoms for Small Penises

Dear Lucky Bloke,

My guy is a great lover with a smaller sized penis. We want to practice safe sex, however most of the condoms we’ve tried, either feel too baggy or actually slip off. What would you recommend?

- Looking for Options.

You and your partner are hardly alone. This is one of the most common questions we receive. Not only is it rarely talked about, but very few conventional retailers carry the great condoms that a less endowed lover requires.

Pretty crazy though, when you learn that 35% of men (yes 35%!) actually, require a smaller - more tailored fit - condom. Most people who don’t enjoy condoms or experience discomfort (i.e., slipping and sliding) are simply wearing the wrong size condom.

Using a premium condom that fits properly will make your experience safer – not to mention much more enjoyable – allowing you both to focus on what’s really important: giving and receiving pleasure.

Our Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler allows you to try a great assortment of the top smaller condoms available (and listed in this article). You can start with a 6-pack, or save money when you buy a 12 or 24-pack! You have nothing to lose!  Because we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

There are several sexy options for people who require condoms with a smaller, more tailored fit.

1. GLYDE Slimfit Condoms  This state of the art slimfit condom is designed to maximize pleasure for both partners. Ultrathin without compromising on durability, this is a tailored and comfortable premium condom for the connoisseur who prefers a more secure fit and wants to support a company that is sex positive, fair trade, and vegan certified.

2.  MY.SIZE 47mm Condoms  This condom offers the tightest, snuggest, slimmest fit currently available. Featuring an ultra-smooth silicone-based lubricant, a classic shape, and the most secure fit, this is the go-to German condom for men who demand the security of a very tailored condom without compromising on performance. 

3.  Ceylor HotShot Condoms  Want the tightest, snuggest, slimmest fit currently available? Made by the Swiss who know that precision counts, the Ceylor HotShot is the narrowest condom we've found at 45mm. 

4. Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms  This popular U.S. condom offers a very snug, slim fit. While not as snug as the MY.SIZE 47 and not as luxurious as the GLYDE Slimfit, this is a trusted, condom when you need a secure fit.

5. RSFU Mamba Condoms  Imported from Sweden, the Mamba features a snugger, more tailored condom for a wonderfully close fit. Its contoured pleasure shape adds to sensation. Lubricated with silicone, adding to their overall soft and silky feel.

6. Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms  Shorter and narrower than your standard condom, these are ultrasensitive and designed to deliver the added stimulation with low latex scent. Lubricated for extra glide and enhanced enjoyment, the contoured head offers increased sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers a secure fit.

7. Lifestyles 3Sum Condoms  Triple the pleasure – truly!  This is the perfect for anyone looking for a condom that’s both textured and slim-fit. The 3Sum offers enjoyable ribs at the head and stimulating studs strategically placed along the shaft. Add the pleasure shape to the extra texture and you have triple pleasure, indeed! A shorter and narrower condom, the contoured head offersincreased sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers a secure fit.


8. The FC2 Female Condom is a great alternative for women no matter what what level of endowment her partner brings to bed. Made of a strong, thin and flexible nitrile sheath, it has a flexible inner ring for easy insertion and is absolutely latex-free. A sexy note: nitrile is a heat sensitive material that  warms up and adheres to the vaginal walls during sex, leading to a more natural, pleasurable feeling for both partners.

Further, the FC2 is the only NON-LATEX option that is available for couples, regardless of penis size. In fact, as there is no other LATEX FREE option for couples requiring SMALLER condoms, kudos to FC2 for providing a much needed solution.  The FC2 is also a fantastic option for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection when using condoms.  All in all it is a great condom to have in any woman's sexy arsenal.

For more of the best small, snugger, and more tailored condom options,  we also offer our ultra fabulous Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler. Filled with all of the fantastic options you'll need when exploring the very best in the world of smaller condoms.

Got a question? Email us at getlucky@luckbloke.com and we’d be happy to assist!

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Condom Skeptic? We Can Fix That.

Posted on July 20, 2016 by LUCKY BLOKE

If you think condoms aren’t for you, you just haven’t found the right one yet.

Dear Lucky Bloke,

I’m new to your site and definitely a condom skeptic. I’ve only used Trojan condoms in the past and, let’s just say, I’m not a fan. Condoms smell terrible and take away all feeling.  I hardly ever get laid, so when I finally do I want it to feel good. I’m not monogamous and know I need to wrap it up.

I don’t know where to begin.  Help!

– Alan from Ashland

Alan (and all other condom skeptics), we’re here to help.

Converting non-believers to a better sex life with condoms is our passion and we’ve built a business on matching condom users with condoms they love.

So if you  file yourself in the “Love-To-Hate” condom category, or you’re sleeping with someone  who is a condom foe (or even if you’re just curious about better sex with condoms) we’re here to empower you with a condom primer that is guaranteed to radically improve your sex life.

First, you’re hardly alone. And Trojan condoms are not your only option. Hardly.
So let's get started!

Everyone is told to use condoms. Ad nauseum. But very, very few are taught how to choose condoms. Here are the most important basics to consider when choosing condoms for pleasure.

Condoms aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Condom size is the most critical factor in increasing safety and pleasure with condoms.

Have you ever worn running shoes that didn’t fit well? Whether the shoes gave you blisters, slid at your heel or cramped your toes, you understand that an ill-fitting shoe is at best distracting and at worst downright painful.

Just like a perfect-fitting shoe, a well-fitting condom will allow you (and your partner) to forget about the condom and focus purely on pleasure.

Condoms are available in three basic sizes:

Smaller (snugfit, more secure) condoms are the best option for 35% of men. If you have ever had sex and the condom slipped around or came off inside of your partner (and yes, that does happen)—or if your chief complaint is that wearing condoms feels like a paper bag—you might enjoy trying a smaller-than-standard condom.  CHECK OUT OUR TIGHTER FITTING CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

PRO-TIP: If you (or your partner) would benefit from a slightly-smaller-than-standard condom yet doesn’t need a true “small condom,” there are a few excellent Japanese condoms that are simply narrower than standard condoms. These include some of the thinnest condoms on the market—so there will be very little getting between you and your partner.

Standard condoms are the best option for 50% of men. If you (or your partner) are in this category, you’ll have a wealth of condoms from around the world to choose from. That includes lots of premium options that are likely superior to anything you’ve tried before.  CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE STANDARD FITTING CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

Larger condoms are the best option for 15% of men. If you (or your partner) has a history of broken condoms and serious discomfort when it comes to wearing condoms, you’ve likely been using condoms that are too small and you’d benefit from trying a larger condom.  CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE GENEROUS / XL CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

PRO-TIP: It’s good to be aware that there are also a number of between-size condom options available—for example Kimono Microthin Large—that bridge the gap between “standard” and “large” size condoms. Internal condoms are another option worth exploring, especially if your partner finds even larger condoms uncomfortable.

Don’t Know Your Condom Size?  Let’s fix that.

Here’s a trick to figure out the best condom size for you (or your partner). If you’re still at a loss regarding the ideal condom size, or if you have multiple partners, or just want to stock up on a variety of sizes, Lucky Bloke also has a "Not Sure What Size Condom to Buy" Sampler.

Shapes, and materials, and flavors...Oh yes!

Getting a general idea on what condom size you need to buy is just the beginning.  To keep with the shoe analogy, not every shoe in your size is equally comfortable. The same is true of condoms. Not all condoms in the same size range will feel the same. You won’t like some and others, you’ll likely love. And while you may have a go-to shoe for when you want comfort and something sexier for a night out, I hear from lots of condom users who switch up shape, texture, and flavor to match their mood.

Our best advice (once you've determined the best size to use) to those committed to improving their sex with condoms is to get ready to explore a variety of condoms. And I often find that with condoms, as with so many things, you get what you pay for.

Nothing against free or low-priced condoms, but high quality condoms are often worth the price. Premium condom samplers provide an inexpensive way to start exploring. (Lucky Bloke's samplers include top-rated condoms in categories like Ultrathin, Flavored, and Textured.) Not only will you get a great condom variety, you will do so without having to buy entire boxes of twelve identical condoms in order to find the condoms that work best for you and your partner.

Non-latex condoms might be worth investigating even if you’re not allergic to latex. (And naturally we have a latex free condom sampler for that, too) The non-latex condom options in our sampler offer amazing sensitivity, heightened feeling, and heat transfer without the scent or taste of latex.

Lube Matters. (And how!)

The truth is that most everyone's sex life can benefit greatly from some high-quality lubrication. However, there are many lube myths that may be keeping it out of your bedroom.

Do you think you need to be a certain age to use lube? You don’t! Are you afraid that using lube might mean that there's something wrong with your sex life? Really, nothing could be further from the truth!

For condom users, extra lube has some major benefits. Simply put, exposing your most delicate parts to latex will dry you up—no matter how excited you may be. A study that looked at people’s arousal levels with and without condoms found that men who used a condom without lube were slightly less aroused than those who didn’t use a condom or lube. The kicker? The men who used a condom with lube got as aroused as those who didn’t use a condom at all! And provided you are using a high quality condom-compatible lubricant, your condom is less likely to break during sex. CHECK OUT OUR VARIETY LUBE SAMPLER: HERE

It’s time to declare your days of condom mediocrity officially over. Your sex life will thank you. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Lucky Bloke offers free condoms and lube consultations via phone or email. 
(Think of us as your personal Safer Sex Concierge)

Interested?! We hope so. Drop us a line at getlucky@luckybloke.com 
(or use our handy CONTACT form) to get started.


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"Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler: Customer Reviews

Posted on November 11, 2015 by LUCKY BLOKE

Discover the Perfect Condoms For You

The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler is the smartest and easiest way to discover which condoms give you the most pleasure. Test “cream of the crop” condoms with 12 top-selling international condom brands including Kimono, Okamoto, GYDE, Crown, ONE, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, Trojan, RFSU and L.     

This condom sampler is packaged in three versions of carefully selected condom sizes:

  1. The “Not Sure What Size to Buy” condom sampler offers the widest      assortment of condom sizes from small, medium and larger condoms.

Or tailor your selection to a specific range of condom sizes. (This is particularly important for those who are in between sizes.)

2.  The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler of 12 smaller to medium size condoms

3.  The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler of 12 medium to larger size condoms.

All versions come in a balanced variety of condom shapes and textures including pleasure shaped, more headroom, studded/ribbed, ultrathin, non-latex and more.

With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, the "Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler has helped customers find their proper condom size and improved sex dramatically:

“I recently tried the condom sampler and it really helped me discover that I needed a more tailored condom. Now my girlfriend and I are able to have a more enjoyable sexual experience because I can get things done right! Highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to figure out what's the right size.”- Chris from Florida
“The sampler packs are great. There were brands I've never seen before including one which is now my favorite. They also give you a chance to try different sizes which really helps you figure out why a good fit is so important.”- James from Canada
“A good mix in my medium-large sampler, including a vegan-friendly condom (GLYDE) and the Kimono Maxx (that I was surprised to enjoy so much - smooth feel, didn't even feel it). Condoms make sex way better; this sampler makes the sampling process that much better.”- Anon from NY

Other customers say they found their favorite go-to condoms in this condom sampler:

“A fantastic idea for the indecisive amongst us. Before it was always a case of buying whatever was available or, when there was some sort of choice, picking something at random. Next time I buy condoms I will definitely have a much better chance of choosing something that works well for me. I would definitely recommend this.”- Ian from UK   
“This is a good idea if you're not sure what size/shape you (or your partner) need. You get four "Small", "Medium" and "Large" condoms from different brands. Unfortunately, this means you are likely going to have at least four that will not fit well. But if you know the size you prefer then you would be better off buying a sampler of condoms your size. This helped me find condoms that I liked and my girlfriend liked as well. So, I ordered our favorite from out of the pack. I plan to buy another Sampler (probably the Med - Large Sampler) to find more that fit well and help us explore other condoms we might like.” - Jimmy from Ohio


Whether you want to find your correct condom size, or want a variety of condoms to match multiple partners, or if you really want hotter, more pleasurable sex with condoms, this condom sampler is the perfect starting point to discover what gives you the most pleasure.

Performance tip! Add a few drops of lube to enhance pleasure for both partners. Explore more variety with Lucky Blokes Variety LUBE Sampler.

BUY the “Not Sure What Size to Buy” Condom Sampler

Enjoy the Code LB-TRY-IT at checkout for 10% off your entire order.


Read more customer reviews here.

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Lifestyles | SKYN Large: Latex Free Comfort at its Largest

Posted on November 07, 2015 by LUCKY BLOKE
The first large size non-latex condom

Lifestyles SKYN | Large: Comfort at Large

Lifestyles SKYN Large is the first latex free condom made for larger men. It is made of polyisoprene- a special non-latex formula that is more elastic and form fitting than latex. It also transmits body heat better than latex, thus delivering the ultimate safer sex delight.

This is great news for people with latex allergies and anyone who requires a large condom size.

Condom-users share how happy they are with the natural feel and comfort SKYN Large offers over other large size condom options.

“LifeStyles Skyn Large. These are hands down the best condoms we have used!

- being a slightly "above average" man, most condoms tend to cut off circulation and make things numb very quickly. Not a problem with these ones.
- No noticeable odour at all.
- so thin, I could barely feel that I was wearing one.
- To be fair, we did use extra lube. Not sure if it was needed, but it was a great experience and I will be stocking up!”- MP from Ontario


Even customers who say they hate condoms recommend the SKYN Large:

Normally I use Durex or Trojan condoms with the occasional Beyond Seven or Kimono condoms, but by far, this condom has them all beat. They fit my boyfriend perfectly and aren't a struggle to get on, plus the crinkly feeling that some thin condoms have, is completely absent here. I hate condoms but this one works!- Sarah from Chicago

If you find condoms incredibly tight and painful, you are likely part of the 15%-20% of men who require larger condoms sizes.

Find out if large condoms are right for you. Find your condom size with this helpful trick.

Try more non-latex large condoms. If you need a large condom and latex free is what you’re after, you can explore the very best options with Lucky Blokes Non-Latex (Larger Fit) Condom Sampler.   

If you aren’t allergic to latex, try a greater range of the best larger sizes and wider condoms available with Lucky Blokes Ultimate Larger Condom Sampler.     

BUY Lifestyles SKYN Large

Enjoy the Code LB-TRY-IT at checkout for 10% off your entire order.


Read more customer reviews here.

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Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler | Discover the Pleasure of Tighter Condoms

Posted on November 04, 2015 by LUCKY BLOKE

Improve your sex life by wearing condoms that perfectly fit

Whether you want to try small condoms for the first time, or simply have a supply of the best tighter fitting condoms available, Lucky Blokes Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler is the perfect choice. Explore different styles ranging from classical to pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed and studded variety. Only the very best, top-rated condoms in one single package.

With a solid satisfactory rating of 5 out of 5 stars, customers review the Smaller Condom Sampler as the smartest safer sex choice they’ve made. It's changed how people perceive condoms and pleasure.  

Customer reviews:

“Great way to sample without emptying your bank account. Fast and discreet delivery. Good variety of condoms that will help a smaller guy narrow down something that works better for him.”- Anonymous from USA

“FANTASTIC - all of the condoms in the sampler were perfect, they didn't slide off easily after the climax so I was able to extend the climax longer. This is unlike the one size fits all condoms. I have ordered the sampler multiple times.- Pete from Illinois

Not sure what condom size you are? Here is a simple trick to determine your condom size.

Size really does matter! Knowing your condom size is the foundation of pleasure with condoms. After trying the small condom sampler, many customers went from condom hate to condom love: 


"Lucky Bloke is the answer to my dreams. Throughout my sexual life I have NEVER liked using condoms because they always had that "one size fits all" feel. As we all know, men are not all "one size'.
After doing research on condom sizes and using the size calculators I realized I could use a "snug fit" condom. Most men's egos would prevent them form ever buying anything with the word "small" on a condom package but be be real gents. Whatever you are working with, learn to work it and you'll be ok.
As far as the condoms the sampler is just that: A collection of brands to try out so that you can find your preferred type. Let's face it, if you like what you wear you are more likely to wear it all the time."- Spicy from Los Angeles


“I am so glad I found this site! For any girl whose man is saying that condoms are uncomfortable and he'd prefer not to have sex with a condom needs to read the finding the right fit page!! We never had problems in the bedroom before. Then, all of a sudden, every time we would pull out a regular condom the mood would crash and nothing would happen. Big let down. So I started researching avoidance of condoms and found Lucky Bloke! I ordered the smaller fit and with the first use the avoidance of condoms was over! Now we are back to enjoying our time and no let downs. Yipee! ;-)
Try this set, trust me you will be happy you did. Side note, We also love the variety pack. It's a fun surprise to see what kind we are getting and now it's all we order and use. Happy girl right here. Two thumbs up!”- Condom Avoidance No More! from USA


Performance tip: We recommend using a drop of lube with any ultrathin condom for more pleasure and safety. Additional lube also heighten pleasure with textured condoms. Check out Lucky Bloke’s variety of Lube Samplers.

Not sure what condom size to try? Explore a range of condom sizes with Lucky Blokes Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler.


BUY the Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler

Enjoy the Code LB-TRY-IT at checkout for 10% off your entire order.

Read more customer reviews here.

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