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Over 15 years in the making, with the goal of creating the most pleasurable latex condom ever, Naked's "Pleasure Fit Technology" was developed with a German condom company recognized worldwide as the most innovative in the industry. 

Naked was founded on the principle of making a condom that feels better because it is designed better and produced better.

Ultra-thin soft latex and Naked’s patented design allow for a balance of thinness and sensitivity. Understanding that the perfect fit is truly essential, the condom is available in these widths: 49mm, 52mm, 54mm, 57mm (to securely fit at the base of the penis)* and then features a flared pleasure-shaped body.  With the greatest attention to detail each condom is coated with a luxury silicone-based, hypoallergenic lubricant made in Germany exclusively for Naked.

*Note on sizing:  the dimensions are in reference to the measurement at the base of the penis and the condoms flare out wider from there – this condom measures 49mm (snugger, secure-fit) at the base.

internationally patented condom is manufactured in a state of the art facility. Naturally, even the condom foil has been perfected to provide the most luxurious and safe experience possible.

One box contains six condoms.**
Due to popular demand, we now offer sexy savings for 18, 24, 36, 48 packs.
These packs come in premium cello-bags, not retail boxes. 

**Please also note that while an interior seal was cut by the manufacturer (on the retail boxes) due to an error (the interior seal was impossible to cut without a blade), the box is shrink-wrapped to ensure product integrity.

Reviews for Naked | Luxury Condoms: 49mm
4.7 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from NY on
For the first time in my life I found a condom that fit right. It gives you a an extra level of comfort and overall piece of mind knowing you can do your business in the bedroom and be confident in what you are using for protection. My only recommendation would be that they had a little bit more lube on them. Other than that they were everything I was looking for and needed. Will definitely buy them again.
from U.S. on
This condom had quite a bit of potential, but I ended up not liking it as much as I could have. The first thing I noticed was how thin it was which made it feel very close as well as warm, and not too flimsy either. The base was a bit tight, but the rest of it was surprisingly very roomy. What really killed it for me was the lube; most thin condoms usually don't have enough lube, but these condoms had a lot--too much for us. The experience was nice at first since I could feel everything and was very close to my partner, but a few thrusts in and the lube started to build up which made it feel pretty distant like having sex with a masturbater instead. I can definitely see myself trying these again sometime in the future when I stay with my partner longer (when there's less excitement and natural lube down there), but for now I have to only give it 4 stars.
from Canada on
This condom was amazing! My partner and I both voted this as one of the best we've tried. The condom had great sensitivity and heat transfer, fit perfectly, and like others have mentioned felt like you were not wearing anything at all.

If you are like me, and you do your research to find the best condom available, you will see a major difference in this condom when compared to others on the market. This condom has something they call "Pleasure Fit Technology", which is a fancy way to say that the base in smaller, and the top 2 thirds taper out to allow lots of room for movement. One of the main complaints of using condoms for men is the loss of sensitivity. This condom meets us halfway, but providing the space for movement. This movement gives a similar sensation to not wearing a condom at all.

If you are looking for the perfect condom with great sensitivity, you will not be disappointed.
from New York City on
This in my opinion is a great condom and here is why it is thin it offers plenty of sensitivity and while i was using it i felt as if i was not using a condom at all...Is it possible to love a condom? (wow did i actually write that i despise condoms for the most part) well anyway if it is possible to love a condom i love this one and would definitely use one again.

PS: I must say i really liked the classy packaging :)
from Missouri on
Let me start off by saying WHERE HAS THIS CONDOM BEEN?! I was honestly surprised how great this condom was! At first glance, the condom looked like your standard "boring beige latex" condom, but easily made itself superior once on. This condom did have a latex smell, but it wasn't close to being overpowering or unpleasant. The fit was unlike anything I have tried in the past; it was tight at the base and fit a tad bit loose around the shaft and the crown. There was no slip with this condom, though certain other standard fit condoms slip up maybe half an inch, this one did not. What really gave Naked major points was it's feel! It felt like no other! While this isn't the thinnest condom I've tried, it felt the best! There was great heat transfer and the extra room on the shaft and crown almost made things feel more natural. The lube lasted the whole time, but did leave some residue on my hand.

Overall, this condom had a small latex smell and left a residue on my hand, but those negatives were easily made up by the great engineering and quality of the whole product! The foreign judge in me wants to give it a 4 or 4.5 for those small negatives, but that score wouldn't do this condom justice.

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