Best Organic Tampons & Pads | Period Products | Body-Safe Menstrual Care | Once known as feminine hygiene...

While we're still struggling with the naming this collection, what we're sure of is: YOU deserve the highest quality organic products to make that "time of month" safer, more affordable and super convenient. So now, voilà, we’ve got you covered by adding trusted period products to our already amazing line up of sexual health products.

Why do we care so much about offering these products to you? Because you do not want pesticides in your most sensitive areas! And cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Yikes!! Previously organic cotton tampons and pads were very expensive. These you'll find are very reasonable.

We've teamed up with two great (women led) companies: Aunt Flow and L. who are all about doing good. For women and our planet.

As always: products are delivered discreetly and quickly to your door. 
Once a month or only one time, you decide.