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Keep your mind off your condom and on the action. RITEX from Germany is offering a brand new slim-fit and ultrathin condom: Proline (Slim-fit) 47mm.  The Proline condom is ideal for a slimmer girth penis - offering security and a more intense experience. These condoms are also transparent and odor-free.

Ritex, a leading German condom brand, manufactures to the highest global testing and safety standards.

Reviews for Ritex | Proline 47mm – NEW!!
4.4 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
from Georgia on
Easy to open, very light slightly sweet smell, not a bad odor. Fit pretty well, a little tight but easy enough to roll on. Didn't dry out or break without addtl lubricant up to high intensity. Feel was slightly less than my go-to rfsu condoms. Would recommend.
from 15001 on
Well I saw these condoms new since the Last time since I ordered. We tried them the first night I received and to our happy surprise these were really good for both my wife and myself. I liked how there is no fuss no smell no problems. They fit very well true to size and they did not slip while Having sex and making love. She couldn’t even tell I was wearing a condom. I will definitely try this again when I run out of my supply overall I give these 4.9 out of five stars. You can trust this brand and the size when looking for a new condom. There was a nice heat transfer from what my wife said. Like I said give these a try the next time you’re looking for something new and never worry about falling off while making love and having sex.
from Massachusetts on
Tried this condom for the first time last Friday and was pretty impressed. I didn't find the latex smell to be too strong, and I definitely needed some lube while using it. Oddly, this condom felt a little bit tighter than the Ceylor Hotshot and I initially had a bit of trouble rolling it all the way down my shaft. It gave great feeling and didn't threaten to slip off at any time. I got the variety pack so I am eager to see how the Ritex compares to some other condoms for guys like me who are on the thinner side.
from WA on
This one is one of my favorites by far. Ceylor hotshot sometimes feels too tight on me, yet many of the other slim condoms are a tiny tiny bit loose around the base for me (My girth is larger toward the head vs base)
Also the thickness is where I can still get a good amount of feeling yet last longer.
The other Condom that feels close to this one is Tiger On.
from California on
It is very well fitting. Comparing it to the standard caution wear, it is just as tightly fitting, while being thinner and thus more comfortable. I did need some lube for it and it had a slight smell of latex. Overall recommended.
from CA on
Being a smaller and slimmer guy, I'm always on the lookout for new slimfit condoms and Proline fits the bill. There isn't too much to talk about - the condom doesn't stand out from a crowd. It fits securely, has a decent quality lube pre-applied and it functions pretty well. It rolls and unrolls better cheaper condoms. There is a slight latex smell from them but overall, decent quality and works as advertised.
from Cupertino on
Using it for the first time. Very comfortable and fits very well. This German condom does meet high standard
from California on
Right on top of the package it's printed says, "Made in Germany", a phrase that instills confidence for anyone who wears it's. It's not the smallest condom (Ceylor Hotshot) but it's small and quite thin like Japanese condoms. It feels smaller than Mysize 47mm and smaller than other Japanese 47mm condoms though it's not as small as Ceylor hotshots.High on my list of 47mm's.

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