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Simply Put, This is the Largest Condom Available.

If you have been looking for one of the two largest, least restrictive condoms available – your search is over!  At 69mm wide, Pasante Super King offers a great option for men when other large (or even XL) condoms are still too snug.  These Pasante condoms provide both a lot of extra length and girth.  Most condoms in the larger category are 56mm, Super King is 69mm. Pasante Super King features a classic generous shape and are manufactured by Britain's leading condom brand to meet all safety standards.

Pasante is the go to condom brand in the UK. Enjoy this popular large condom when you want reliable security and protection without compromising comfort. Pasante condoms are manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards.


Reviews for Pasante | Super King (69mm) – NEW!!
4.6 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from Florida on
Yes! Lots of room but still a little thick. Lube on the inside definitely helps.
from Harlingen, TX on
These fit wonderfully. I’d been having trouble finding condoms that would fit me properly and these finally did the job. For reference, I am 8” long and 6” around. Lots of condoms are long enough but finding ones that can accommodate my width is quite difficult. Taking off half a star because they could stand to be longer and are just barely enough length. Other than that I am thankful to have been able to finally find a real “large” condom.
from Washington, DC on
Definitely a go-to condom if others are too tight for you. I've been using the My.size 69mm for a while now and while I'm satisfied with them, I've always felt that they were a bit too thick taking away from the sensation. I tried these and was very surprised with the fit, with a little lube inside and outside, it felt fantastic. I'm about 8" long and pretty thick and there was plenty of room in the condom, it didn't feel so tight that it took away from the experience (like some "Large" condoms, but that max out at the high 50s)
from USA on
If the other large condoms are too tight for you, try these. I was very happy with the fit. Put a drop of lube in the condom, put it on, lube the outside, and you are good to go! For size comparison, I am 8 1/4" long with a 5.6" girth. There is enough room to finish inside, and the sensation was pretty good too.

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