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The Indulgence of Going  S L O W...

Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex collection is created for a fast-paced world that doesn’t always take the time to slow down and savor the intimate moments of connection.

Each product in the Slow Sex collection encourages partners to become intimately aware of their bodies while exploring pleasure. The collection focuses on all natural ingredients and patented molecules in body-safe formulas.

With hydrating aloe vera, soothing chamomile and relaxing arnica, Slow Sex Anal Play Gel is erotic toy and condom safe, making it relaxing and fun to engage in anal play.

This water-based gel contains a combination of soothing and hydrating ingredients that not only reduce friction but prepare the anal area for play. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate when we are aroused so lubrication is a must!

You'll likely welcome that they're also budget-friendly and are small enough to travel discreetly.

Reviews for Bijoux Indiscrets | Slow Sex: Anal Play - NEW!!
4.5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from USA on
I admit, I bought this more for my husband than myself, as I’m very relaxed and comfortable with him in this particular sexual arena, and due to that, I do not experience discomfort. However, I know he is careful not to offend me with his desire to indulge, though I am not easily offended at all, so I ordered this to let him see that this indulgence is a welcome one. I decided to include this in my review in case this is you! Now, for actually using the product, I found it to be quite luxurious. You will likely need much less of this than your go-to lubricant, and I also found it to be rather moisturizing, which I didn’t even know I needed! I really enjoy this line overall so far, and I definitely intend to purchase more in the future!

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