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EXS Ribbed Dotted & Flared condoms are designed with ribs, dots and a flared head to provide maximum pleasure for you and your partner. These textured condoms are made from crystal clear and odor free latex. EXS condoms, from the UK, are made of 100% all-natural superior latex to ensure reliability and maximum comfort. EXS condoms meet or exceed international standards.

Reviews for EXS | Ribbed Dotted & Flared
3.9 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
from Washington DC on
For being the same brand as the “Air Thin” this one seemed a little on the thick side. Especially near the head, it was hard to get all the sensitivity that other Condoms offer. The late. Is soft and doesn’t have a bad smell. My wife sometimes has a sensitivity to latex and this one definitely set that off. She was itchy and sensitive immediately after. The size fit nicely and was accurate to the description.

Overall it was one of our least favorite due to the lack of feel through the latex and the sensitivity for my wife.
from Kentucky on
This one is interesting for a little variety but does not replace the EXS Air. There is some texture and movement which is fun but might be over stimulating for some. Worth a try
from United States on
The originals are my favorite variety, but this was not doing the same thing for me.
from Missouri on
If finishing sooner than you would like is an issue, don't use these. I have tried many different condoms, but have come to favor this condom's less adventurous brother, "EXS Air". While that condom is great and personally a 5/5, this one here blows it out of the water. This condom gave no smell and gave me great fit! Additionally, the original lube lasted well and gave no residue on the finger once touched. Now the feel, my friends, the feel was phenomenal for both my wife and myself.The thinness gave way to sensation and the ridges,bumps, and studs were great for my wife. Overall, one of my favorite condoms that you should definitely try!
from Canada on
Overall Impression
I had never heard of this brand before and was eager to try it out. I really enjoyed this condom and would rank it among the top condoms that I have had the pleasure of using.

Fit and Feel
Right away I noticed how thin and soft the latex was. The condom itself fit well. It was snug at the base with some extra material near the end to allow natural foreskin movement. I noticed great heat transfer and the condom felt great through to the end.

Smell and Taste
My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that this condoms has a scent to it. It doesn't smell like a regular latex condom, but I definitely noticed that it has an aroma of vanilla, or cookies, as some of the other reviewers mentioned.

This condom reminded me a lot of the Trojan Bareskin or Okamoto 0.04. The biggest difference I could tell between it and the aforementioned condoms is the vanilla scent. If you're a fan of ultra thin condoms, this is definitely one to try.
from Indiana on
I'll start by saying that my wife and I first tried EXS brand condoms just the other day when we reviewed their Air Thin condom. We became instant fans of the EXS Air Thin, which quickly rose to prominence as one of our latest go-to condoms.

So, we are by no means opposed to EXS as a brand. They're doing some great stuff in other areas. That said, however, our experience with the EXS Ribbed, Dotted & Flared was not nearly as spectacular. It wasn't bad; I guess I would just classify it as average.

We've tried textured condoms before and honestly haven't ever really noticed a difference. The same was true with this one. The texture was there, but it didn't do anything to heighten or diminish the experience, so its effect was a net zero.

I will say that even though the thickness of this condom is around .07 mm, a thickness that normally removes virtually all sensation and enjoyment for us, it didn't feel as thick as all that, so it wasn't as horrible as we might have expected. The heat transfer was still passable, although nothing to write home about (assuming you write home about that sort of thing). :-D

The three-star rating reflects the fact that this condom does what it should in the areas of fit and protection and that it provides a halfway decent experience, but there are many other choices out there that definitely outperform this one any day of the week. So, this chubby kid brother of the EXS Air Thin won't be making the A list anytime soon, but it could pull its weight in a pinch if necessary.

My wife and I might use this product again if there were nothing else available, but there are several other options that we would prefer instead.
from U.S.A. on
I wanted to leave a comment on the studs. I was looking for a condom with very pronounced studs and dots. This one is very pronounced vs. other condoms who's dots seems to be very small or not protruding enough. As for the fit if you are on the lower end of the LB Large,i.e. big but not huge, try giving these a try.
from U.S. on
1st thing, I know it doesn't have the size so I looked it up and came up with about a 52.5mm diameter and 188mm length. I honestly wasn't expecting much when I first used these, but I was really surprised by good they felt. It fit well, had good lube, was durable, and of course the texture was pleasing!

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