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The Uber of Lube, indeed. Slickness for Sex, Style, & Sport

slick, sexy silicone lubricant is a high performance product recommended by top physicians, athletes and hairstylists. (We don't know of any other lube that can claim that.)  Überlube feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you're using it. When überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky.

High performance, long lasting, with a fantastic finish that is super hot in the bedroom is also used in high-end salons as a brilliant smoothing, finishing, and anti-frizz hair product.  As if all of this weren't enough, athletes use überlube for running, biking, and swimming to eliminate chaffing. Instead of just being slippery, uberlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.  Not just a lube, überlube loves your whole body.

Note: the fantastic design of the pump bottle. There is no reason to hide uberlube in a drawer and you likely will not want to.

Available in:
• 50ml bottle - Now 55ml - Same Price!!
• 100ml bottle - Now 112ml - Same Price!!


Reviews for überlube | Original (Silicone)
4.8 out of 5, based on 41 reviews
from Montreal on
We’ve tended to be wary of silicone lubricants because we didn’t enjoy the fact that most of them leave you feeling sticky. We received a sample of this in our most recent order and were pleasantly surprised! It was great! This lubricant does everything it’s supposed to, lasts a long while (you don’t need to reapply) and leaves your skin so soft, which was an added bonus. This is the first time I have fielded requests for a specific lube from my partner, who generally isn’t picky - but this is his new favourite!
from CA on
Tried some of this in a sample lube pack from lucky bloke a year or so ago. I like it better than my normal lube. Doesn't get sticky and lasts longer than a generic lube. Worth the extra cost!
from USA on
Silky smooth lube~ A lot thinner and runnier than I was expecting at first, but definitely lasts and feels great. Just a few drops and you're ready to go again and again. Gonna be my go to lube from now on :)
from Virginia on
I have been using this line for about a year, so far nothing beats it, and I try everything in the lube department that I come across. Three problems, it can stain certain fabrics, it does not play well with silicon toys, and of course it's not good with latex condoms. But aside from those drawback it feels and works great.
from USA on
Really nice. Bought the 50 ml bottle. She and I are both fans, now. I don’t know how it works. I only know that it does.
from Miami on
Super silky, feels great. Don’t have to worry about it getting sticky
from CA on
Worked well and made things easy.
from TX on
I hope that there are fewer and fewer people out there who just think that lube is lube. This is the absolute best. If it's sticky, don't use it.
from San Francisco on
It's not sticky and it obviously feels good - win win.
from Kentucky on
Uberlube is my first experience with lube. Wow! Feels great and makes everything more comfortable. Highly recommended
from Whidbey Island, WA on
This stuff is Amazing! Even when I am naturally wet, I also want uberlube, it has made sex so much more better! I did not have sex for 4 years, and I had thought I was going to be forever dry (I am 54), which is what sent me on the search for lube when I finally met a man that I want to have sex with. I have always been tight and small, which can actually be a problem, I am a smaller cock kind of gal, nothing worse than when a guy is too big, so you guys who do not have a big cock, know it is a complete myth that women want a porno sized cock! And, a large cock is hard and uncomfortable to give a good blow job;-) I absolutely love this stuff! It has helped me get back in shape down there to have wonderful intercourse, and I am naturally wet all the time now. It is also great on my curly hair, which wants to frizz living on an island. Try this stuff! You will love it! And...I never feel like I need to get it off of me, it makes my skin so soft! I originally purchased a 12 pack of samples, and the large unberlube bottle, I haven't opened a single sample, and the bottle is lasting a long time, well worth the price. We are going on vacation, so I am ordering the middle size bottle (50ml = 1.6oz for my airline quart size carry on bag), and even the small one in a case to have handy in my purse...You just never know when the moment is right, somewhere completely off the beaten path;-) Cheers! Go forth and have Great Sex!
from las vegas on
Überlube never fails to impress, always high quality and sensational results. The bottle container is perfect for all your lube needs
from CA on
Absolutely love how this one feels. It's silky smooth and doesn't leave hardly a mess when you're done, I'm surprised at how well these lubricants fuction. Will definitely recommend and I absolutely plan to buy more when the time comes.
from North Carolina on
Wow. That is what I immediately said to myself after using an incredibly small (less than a dime sized squirt) amount. My wife and I have been experimenting with more outercourse due to life being outside of our control. That means that my review is, unfortunately, lacking (I cannot wait to try this during intercourse). However, going back to our first night using this lube. My wife applied a small amount and used it give me hands down the best hand job of my life. The lube leaves no residue whatsoever after it wears off which takes such a wonderfully appropriate amount of time. It's not oily, runny, or "lubey" for lack of a better term. This lube is truly one of a kind and I think we've found our foreverlube. My wife did try this out with a new toy that she bought, the toy is a clitoral stimulation toy that rhymes with shmatis shfyer and she's over the moon with the results.
from Texas on
Getting married in Dec and I've been researching lubes. Really like what I've heard of this one, so ordered a sample. We're waiting until we're married so I tried it in my skin and it felt really good. Plan to order for the honeymoon!
from CT on
I like this lube. It lasts a long time and works great! I did find it to be sticky after. The silquid sliver lasts just as long but leaves skin feeling soft and not sticky. This is my third favorite with the silqiud silver and the silquid water based being very slightly nicer feeling. It's a great lube and we will be ordering more.
from Texas on
I won't have sex with out it! Seriously, it is the only way to have sex. It heightens pleasure for both partners, helps me avoid irritation and soreness and I know it is a sexually healthy choice. Waaaaay better than water based lubes and the best, purest silicone lube on the market that I know of. I can't recommend it enough. It is also great for vag dryness or soothing intimate irritation.
from United States on
Great lube! Non-staining, dissipates after time, leaves skin feeling soft... Great product! I love that you can use if for other applications as well (see included flyer)... Definitely worth the price... Would highly recommend!
from South Carolina on
I'd have to say it's the best you can recieve from here. Between how it feels and how great it works you can't beat it.
from Jackson, MS on
überlube dissipates and leaves your skin, or whatever, soft and not sticky feeling. This is a big deal as some of the silicone lubes seem like they NEVER GO AWAY requiring wipe up/off with a towel. Somehow it stays around for anal, though. Not sure how that works, but I'm glad it does.
from United States on
Great lube! I love it dissipates after time and is nonstaining. It is the perfect silicone lube! Worth the price!
from Washington on
I have tried several silicone lubes and this is my favorite. It is on the thinner side which I prefer, and lasts a long time. I have used this in a hot tub and the shower and it works very well with great lubrication for sex.
from Connecticut on
This lube is the best I've ever used by far. It stays slippery for a long time, but doesn't feel greasy. Odorless. And doesn't stain.
from Las Vegas on
incredible stuff! odorless and not sticky, does it's job well and feels good
from OR on
Great lube. Non sticky, and works as advertised. Nice to find a silicone that dissipates so you don't have to wash it off to feel clean afterwards.
from New York on
Best stuff out there in terms of silicone lube. New uses keep turning up! Great stuff! Worth the price...
from Luxembourg on
Best Silicon based lube so far, hands down (and I've tried many)

Pro: non sticky, no smell, silky smooth

Cons: none

Great for solo, couple or multiple partner play, doesn't dry out, great for play, both penis / vagina and anal play, good on toys (besides the silicone ones). Would highly recommend
from Mississippi on
Love this stuff! It's got uses outside the bedroom which helps justify the price for a larger bottle and it stays slippery for a decent amount of time.
from PA on
A slick lube. Stays slick for a good long while. Used with my partner. Felt silky on my penis. Put a generous amount in him as well, but he needed me to add additional during our playtime as he began to feel dry. Overall a nice lube.

from Chicago on
Note: Product was applied to an uncircumcised penis and used for masturbation

Did you enjoy the product would you use it again? Why?
I definitely enjoyed using this. I was surprised to find it was a silicone based lube, as I thought it was just a thicker water based. I would probably use it again, but I don't think it's my front runner

How did the product feel/perform?
It had a silky but also slightly thick feel to it as it was first applied, which over time just subsided over to being thick. It was a little tackier in feel than most other silicone lubes I've used, but it was still plenty slick

How did the product smell/taste?
I did not taste the product, but it had no overt odor.

Was it slick? How easy as it to wash off?
It was definitely slick, and it was able to keep going for a decently long (40minute) session. I didn't expressly wash it off right after (I rarely do unless the lube gets super tacky), but it generally went away pretty well and washed off the remnants just fine in my next shower (the following morning)

How does the product compare to products you have tried (in this review)?
It felt really close to a hybrid lube that I had tried before (Wet's Synergy). It felt like it had some of the silky feel that a lot of silicone lubricants had, but less intensely so. It wasn't as thick or jelly-like as my common water-based lube (Sliquid Sassy)
from US on

I cannot say enough nice things about Uberlube and I have Lucky Bloke to thank for turning me and my husband on to it!

Uberlube has been so good to my husband and I! We've used it for sex (vaginal and anal) and even as an intimate skin moisturizer. Anytime I have a minor injury down there, I use Uberlube. Dry skin? Uberlube. Just waxed? Uberlube. Haha! We love it! We love that it comes in a glass bottle and that it isn't obvious as sex lube. It looks like a skincare product and no one has ever even noticed it being out of place in our bedroom next to perfumes and skincare products.

This stuff is like magic water. It feels heavenly, I'd say even better than the stuff Mother Nature makes! It disappears completely into your skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. No cleanup necessary (unless you just want to).

It has worked just fine with all of our toys, much to my surprise.

We love it! Order it now! You won't regret it!
from Missouri on
5 out of 5

Gryffinclaw from Missouri

I haven't explored the world of lube too in depth before quite recently. I did try Sliquid Silk last week, and while I loved that one, I love this one even more. I found this lube perfect for me in many ways. It wasn't too thick like the KY jelly is and keeps it's slickness up for quite awhile. Of course, with it being silicone, you don't want to spill this one.

I also like that it is multi-purpose! I put some in my hair and am definitely noticing that it is softer and less frizzy than it normally is.

I will definitely put this on the list of things to buy when I am done getting through my lube sampler.
from Illinois on
Long lasting. Super slick. Some of the best lube I have used.

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