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ON Bold will help him last all night long with a desensitizing formula and a minty fresh scent. It was designed to prolong a man’s pleasure by slightly desensitizing the nerve endings on the tip of his penis.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy. 100% Vegan friendly.
For topical / external use only. 

PERFORMANCE TIP:  DESENSITIZING CONDOMS & LUBE are only recommended if you truly require additional stamina support - for then you will most likely be pleasantly impressed by their effects. On the other hand, if you don't truly require this type of support, numbness and a less than satisfactory experience are more likely.  

Intended for prolonging an erection and not intended for anal play. It is extremely important NOT to mask the pain of anal penetration with a desensitizing product. Anal sex should not hurt. Pain is your body’s natural way of saying stop.

Available in a 1oz pump.





Reviews for Sensuva | ON Bold Delay Gel - NEW!!
3.5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from Ohio on
Got around to trying the gel a few times the past week and have mixed feelings about it.

First the pros: 1) it does work and help delay like it says. 2) the smell is nice if you like an aloe/menthol scent. 3) A lot of product so it won't run out.

Now the cons: 1) It's very sticky and I wasn't sure how much to use. 2) I didn't like the scent and it doesn't go away unfortunately. 3) My s.o. didn't like the smell and taste too.

Ultimately, the product works as advertised but be aware of this gel vs spray (Promescent, which I liked much better and will review later) when deciding on a delay product.

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