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The Ultimate FLAVORED Lube Sampler!

Oral exploration is certainly more fun (and tasty) with flavored lube. Lucky Bloke brings you the perfect introduction to the very sexiest flavored lubricants available. Our LB: Lube Sampler offers a flavorific range of premium (and body friendly) formulas – non-staining and sugar-free – for you to try. Samplers include six flavors.

They'll let you explore from following best-selling lubes: ENCOUNTER: watermelon, strawberry, vanilla, peach, cherry; WICKED: salted caramel, candy apple, mocha java; SLIQUID Swirl: strawberry pomegranate, blue raspberry, green apple; INTIMATE EARTH (Organics): cherry, strawberry, salted caramel ~ Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Lubes.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Additional lube also heightens pleasure with TEXTURED condoms.  And, oral exploration is tastier with flavored lube!


Reviews for Ultimate Flavored LUBE Sampler
4.8 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
from Islands on
The best way to try a variety of flavors without the investment cost of a whole bottle.
from Midwest on
Bought the sampler 6 pack bc I didn't know which to go to as a lubricant. This makes it so I can try different ones and pick my gf and my favortie one. We tend to go on for a while so having lub is a must, so we do go thru a bit. Still trying everything and so far so good. I will say that, personally, water based is best for those ladies and gents that do not want anything inorganic to stay inside for an extended period of time.
from U.S.A. on
Not much more to say than delicious! The Mrs. was pleased with the variety and flavor of this packet. Again not all lubes are made the same. We were able to find which ones we both enjoyed!
from NC on
It was really fun to try such a range of flavors and brands of lube! The package also arrived within two days and had a bonus lube inside!
from Parker on
It was very fun to try so many different Live brands and flavors! We also got a bonus lube in the order! The package arrived very quickly as well.
from Washington on
Great way to find and test new flavors without investing in a larger size and not liking it, GF and I enjoyed the Candied Apple.
from CA on
These are perfect for on-the-go intimacy kits.
from United States on
Great way to try different types. Fun flavors, would repurchase.
from United States on
A great Item for a great price I have tried other brands my wife loves this one. Loved how strong the flavored ones are in this one.
from Canada on
Great way to find the ones you like.
from Austin on
I have always used lube, but never considered flavored lube. It sounded kind of gross. However, I was totally wrong. Carrisa (so adorable) on the Dudley and Bob morning show did a spot on these lubes and I had to try them myself. They are surprisingly tasty and definitely cover the latex taste.

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