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The Rianne S Classique is the vibrating essential for every woman. The 100% medical-grade purple, silicone toy has 7 vibration modes and includes a fun, fabulous cosmetic bag for all her essentials. 

The included on-the-go tote can be used as a make-up bag, stylish clutch or to proudly stash its own precious cargo. Delightfully priced for an affordable personal treat or a precious gift.

The Classique Pride bag is faux leather with rainbow inlay.

Located in Amsterdam, and established in 2010, RIANNE S is committed to inspiring trust in women and highlight that every RIANNE S product is designed by a woman for women. This is also the reason why everything at RIANNE S is done with care, from the designing to the packaging and branding. The latest collection is packaged in a luxury cosmetic bag. RIANNE S embodies more than just a toy. Or as Rianne herself puts is: “This is my passion, my love for female well-being in general, but especially their sexual wellness."

Reviews for Rianne S | Classique Pride - NEW!!
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from KS on
This is really good quality, not a cheap mess. Battery life is decent despite that it only takes one AA.

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