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SKYN Elite Large is the first (and currently, only) large premium condom made from polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers ultimate sensitivity. Polyisoprene provides a softer, more natural feel than latex, combining the strength of latex with the sensitivity of a thinner condom. New condom materials (read: non-latex condoms) are the next direction for increased safer sex pleasure. Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity; however, it is such a great condom many couples simply enthusiastically enjoy it over latex counterparts. Long-lasting, ultra smooth lubricant enhances the experience. Lifestyles (aka Manix in Europe and Ansell in Australia) are produced to the highest global standards.

Try the SKYN Elite LARGE in our Ultimate Large Non-Latex Sampler.

Reviews for LifeStyles | SKYN Elite LARGE
4.8 out of 5, based on 68 reviews
from Spokane, WA on
I always just thought condoms were made to strangle your manhood all my friends always complained about having to wear them.
Getting married I’ve been pleased that having my cock choked is mostly a thing if the past but on occasion I still need to wrap it up. These let you feel the skin on skin closeness with your partner. They are a sung & I need to stretch it a little & use every last inch of length.
These are the best condoms I’ve found for the size thrill drill I’m working with. If you find the average size condom uncomfortable you have to give these a try. There’s a condom to fit large men & you should still get to enjoy the sensations of penetration & be safe at the same time. A must try for well-endowed men!
I’m on the blessed end of things when it comes to my penis size. I don’t say the following to be graphic or brag, I really wish someone would have told me sooner that sex with a rubber could still be enjoyable. When my wife saw me naked for the first time she was both impressed my by size and girth yet intimidated, then I got a raging erection. I’m not going into measurements but basically I have a slightly smaller Pringles can for a boner. With years of marriage my wife knows that I know how to work with it to please us both. It's rare for me to be able to fully penetrate her and I get off on a lot of blow jobs. For me to get this condom to "fit" I pinch the tip & get it sung on my little soldiers head then roll it just past the crown of my glans. Then I can unroll & stretch it gently trying to cover the more than half a foot of shaft that remains. It’s too dangerous to sacrifice the reservoir at the tip. The baby batter needs somewhere to go when you blow! I can usually stretch this to the base of may cock but that's not a big concern for me since getting eight inches of me inside my wife is more than enough to please her.
from USA on
Favorite condom of the variety pack, will definitely be ordering more. Lube helps as well. The ideal condom for my size, and it makes a huge difference.
from Illinois on
Fits great, feels great. Package is classy.
from Amarillo, TX on
These work for men with larger girth if you know what I mean. Not only are they accommodating, they are larger than normal (although not in the XL territory) they do the job for me.
from NY on
Amazingly soft. A bit too tight at the base for me especially because it was too long and bunched up. But the softness feels way better than latex. If there were a girthier version it would be my go to.
from FL on
Great non-latex condom. The condom is smooth and comfortable, and the lube feels nice despite dissipating rather quickly. My partner found the size of the condom to be comfortable and it did not cut off circulation for him. If you prefer a non-latex condom, this is a great option.
from TX on
The material is very thin and comfortable. Super soft. The fit is great! It's not too snug and not baggy. The lube is feels very good. Just the right amount and formula to glide without sliding off. The material really becomes almost a second skin and I would say it becomes a borderline sex toy for me. The whole Skyn line is always a plus in my book. I never want to run out of them!
from Los Angeles, CA on
For a non-latex condom, this is my new favorite. I found the fit to be comfortable as well as the condom to be generously lubricated. It feels very similar to a typical latex condom, in a good way. The fit was not loose nor too snug, I found it just right for a medium-large sized member. I definitely would use these again!
from USA on
I thought the feel of these was great. For me the width was narrow at the base for me, but other than that was pretty good. I thought these were long, but maybe one of you lucky guys will not have this save issue
from IA on
I have used latex XL and I really don't like the smell. SKYN Large, although tight, stretch enough and don't have that smell and feel really good. I love them. They are my go to condom.
from Maine on
Wow just tried them last night was amazing girlfriend said she loves them, I will be ordering more!
from Houston, TX on
These feel amazing! It feels like nothing is there.
from NJ, USA on
My favorite condoms and always a plus being latex free for those who are allergic to them.
from Croatia on
They're fine, if you don't like latex then it's a must have. Much better than any ordinary cheap condoms.
from Greece on
Probably my all-time favourite condom!

I usually prefer larger condoms, but they are all made from latex. So the SKINS are my fav all around.
You have them in your drawer or in your pocket and they will always deliver.

Not to mention that they do wonders for people who are sensitive to latex (and some of them don't even know that there are alternative choices when it comes to condoms).
from US on
I liked it because it fit a little better than the original SKYN. It doesn't taste latex-y either, in case that makes a difference.
from Netherlands on
They don't choke you.

Just took one of these gentlemen's raincoats for a field test before deployment. Large enough so that they do not cut bloodflow (which has always been issue number 1 for me), not the longest but long enough to have you covered in the circumstances of choice.

In short, 5 stars, would wank again.
from VA on
LifeStyles | SKYN Large

The important thing is husband likes them!!! ALot. (I enjoy them and so does he:) I have issues with latex allergy so these are a steadfast option, I Highly Recommend Product..... Used for Years !!!
from United States on
Best condom I’ve ever worn. Fit and feel much better than magnums for anyone who is well endowed. I never liked how the magnums fit or feeled. This is my go to condom from here on out.
from Seattle on
These are great condoms.
My man is well endowed and allergic to latex and I am unable to take birth control, we have very few options.

This is our second choice when it comes to condoms. It ranks second for no fault of its own (our #1 choice, the Unique Plus condoms, are just that good...see my review there). These are a traditionally styled condom and have never given us any trouble.
We always have some LifeStyles SKYN Large on hand as an alternative to the pricier Unique's.
from United States on
One of the best values available. Pleasurable, reasonably priced, and a pretty decent fit. At the price point, you mostly get Trojan, which makes passable, but not great, condoms. This is far better than them. The fact that you can get a good feel, non-latex, large condom for a reasonable price makes these a fantastic buy.
from New England on
Wow! These condoms are pretty amazing. While we can’t say they are the best, they are right up there, for sure! The silky SKYNFEEL polyisoprene material feels soft and transfers heat well, and the size is perfect for anyone who is well endowed, or uncircumcised. Will be buying again! Thank you Lucky Bloke!
from Israel on
Compared with the mysize 64, this is neck and neck. Somehow the non-latex is great despite the 56 mm.

But make no mistake, there is no comparing this with other 56 mm condoms.

The lube used is great, too.

If they ever put out a 60-64 version, that would be great!
from Seattle on
Perfect fit for the larger size. Gets on easy. Thin and natural. Best part is the absolute lack of latex smell.
from Virginia on
These condoms are great! Im a littel bit above average in size, but mostly have a larger girth. We dont usually use a ton of lube but these do a great job of self lubrication. Not too loose, a great fit.
from Washington on
I didn't realize these were non-latex when I purchased them, but I can now tell the difference as the feel was more softer than latex. The fitting with 56mm all the way up was nice and allowed room for everything. Unfortunately, the thinness was too thick and didn't allow warmth and feeling to be transmitted. What I was feeling was the "inside" of the condom.
from Atlanta on
I bought the SKIN brand condom , which is the first condom I have worn in over 20 years, and very surprised at how good it felt when I was with my GF. I highly recommend this brand
from California on
As someone who's allergic to latex these are amazing! My partner is on the girthier side and these fit him wonderfully. No bad smell/taste. Only downside is they aren't very lubricated. Very satisfied with this condom!
from USA on
These are great. The soft and clingy polyisoprene material follows the contours of your thing, giving the appearance that your member is shrink wrapped. The sensitivity is really good.

Four and a half stars, not five, but only for personal reasons; 60mm condoms fit me better, or 64mm. These are at 56mm a trifle too snug. But they stretch better than most and have proven resistant to breakage.

The lubricant is a thinly applied silicone type. For my purposes more diameter and more lube would be perfect. SKYN LARGER! This new product of my imagination's invention would combine SKYN's excellent synthetic rubber formulation, a slightly larger size and the additional lube of the SKYN Extra Lubricated. That would have Mr. Ed singing a happy song.
from New York on
Great condom. Don't even know you have it on.
from East Coast USA on
Giving it four and a half stars if only because, as my partner put it, "there has to be room for improvement!" In general, though, this is my go-to condom with both of my cis male partners. I seem to do slightly better (less irritation and I stay wetter) with a non-latex option, and both those partners need larger-fit condoms. Luckily, this one fits the bill! There's no smell, sensation is good, and it doesn't constrict either at the head or the base. Basically, it's a standard-feeling condom that fits well for girthier cis men and isn't latex. In fact, it's become the condom that both those men stock, even for partners that don't need something non-latex. It's a solid choice!
from LA on
These are awesome! As a female, these are the most comfortable and natural feeling condoms I have ever used. My boyfriend is on the bigger side, and said that regular sized condoms were painfully tight. These fit him great! The heat transfer is nice, and they don't leave the nasty smell/taste that latex ones do. We got one of these to try in the larger condom sampler pack, and now this is all we buy! Be sure to use lube, it really does make a difference!
from U.S. on
My experience with SKYN Large was almost the same as the one I had for SKYN Original: they both felt really close, durable, roomy, comfortable, I wish there was a little more lube on both, the lube they both had felt great and made my skin soft, and both are non-latex so they don't have much smell if at all. However, the Large version felt much roomier. If I could give it an extra half star, I would!
from charleston on
great condom

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