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German Engineering with a Snugger Fit

On) Little Tiger is a 49mm condom with a slim and secure fit. With silicone lube and a reservoir tip, this is a classic German snuggerfit condom. On) condoms are CE certified and electronically tested to meet strict European and international safety standards.


Reviews for On) | Little Tiger
4.1 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Chicago on
Probably my favorite of the small Condom variety. Standard condoms have always been much too large, and over the years I’ve experimented with smaller sizes. This condom is snug but not too tight. I’ve used some condoms where the length also becomes an issue (they tend to unroll to full length during the act), but that was not a problem with the little tiger. For anyone seeking a quality condom in a smaller size, I’d definitely recommend this one. Side note: the Ceylor hotshot is the smallest condom I’ve found on the market, and I keep that one in stock as well. It’s tighter than the little tiger, but well lubed, which can be a good thing for some.
from Nebraska on
I have purchased many sample packs of LB's condoms in an effort to find the one that works best for me. I think the “on” may be the best blend of tight fit and sensitivity. That is saying a lot. I feel very safe with this condom, so that I don't have to pull out as soon as I orgasm. I can continue to snuggle without worrying that the condom will slip off.
from Minnesota on
Nice condom, a bit of a smell to them but honestly it's not enough of one to bother you or make a difference. Standard thickness, not overly thick but not on the thin side either, felt safe using this condom. Nice size for smaller condoms.
from Canada on
4 out of 5 stars

This condom felt unique in that it was tight, had lots of lube and overall slightly different feel than other condoms I've tried.

Keep in mind the sizing when choosing this condom, its a tight one! But... with that said I actually felt more comfortable having a tight, secure base. It had a little constricting effect similar to using a cock ring. It also felt like I could enjoy the experience more by not having to worry about it slipping off / leaks.

If safety / lube / tightness are things you enjoy, you will like this condom.
from Pennsylvania on
3 out of 5 stars
HappySafeSex from Pennsylvania

I used ON | LITTLE TIGER a few days ago and I sonewhat enjoyed this condom, it was on the thicker side and that could be a bother because it did not feel as good as the regular condom that I always go to, which is the Skyn Elite, but the thickness did help me last longer. The major turn off to me and my wife was the smell, it had a very rubbery smell to it, and we both do not enjoy this, when it comes to condoms.
What made me give this condom a 3 was the fit, this fit perfectly, I never had that scary feeling that my condom was going to slip which would raise my anxiety and would also later cause problems in bed. Also, the "tighter" feel also helps out and works like a "c-ring" and helped me last longer during performance. Overall, it was a decent condom but if I want a smaller condom I would go toward the MY.SIZE, CEYLOR or PASSANTE brand.

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