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Over 15 years in the making, with the goal of creating the most pleasurable latex condom ever, Naked's "Pleasure Fit Technology" was developed with a German condom company recognized worldwide as the most innovative in the industry. 

Naked was founded on the principle of making a condom that feels better because it is designed better and produced better.

Ultra-thin soft latex and Naked’s patented design allow for a balance of thinness and sensitivity. Understanding that the perfect fit is truly essential, the condom is available in these widths: 49mm, 52mm, 54mm, 57mm (to securely fit at the base of the penis)* and then features a flared pleasure-shaped body.  With the greatest attention to detail each condom is coated with a luxury silicone-based, hypoallergenic lubricant made in Germany exclusively for Naked. This internationally patented condom is manufactured in a state of the art facility. Naturally, even the condom foil has been perfected to provide the most luxurious and safe experience possible.

One box contains six condoms.**

*Note on sizing:  the dimensions are in reference to the measurement at the base of the penis and the condoms flare out wider from there – 49mm (snugger, secure-fit) green foil/box; 52mm (standard-fit) red foil/box; 54mm (roomier-fit) black foil/box; 57mm (larger, generous-fit) purple foil/white box

**Please also note that while an interior seal was cut by the manufacturer due to an error (the interior seal was impossible to cut without a blade), the box is shrink-wrapped to ensure product integrity.

Reviews for Naked | Luxury Condoms: 49, 52, 54, or 57mm
4.8 out of 5, based on 32 reviews
from FL on
good fit. a bit pricey but cheaper than a baby...
from California on
I had previously been using Magnum XL's which were pretty good. My partner was worried about the lubricant on Magnums, and it fit alright, but we wanted to try other options. I found out about these thanks to LuckyBloke's Sampler Pack. They were our favorite from using all of those. The Naked's are fantastic. They fit well, and felt amazing for both of us. The only reason I'm dinging half a star is because their sizing and packaging was confusing, which made it hard to tell/remember which ones were the ones we liked (e.g. white box + purple foil wrapper = ??mm? - I wish this would just be plainer and simpler so easier to remember which one to go with).
from NY on
For the first time in my life I found a condom that fit right. It gives you a an extra level of comfort and overall piece of mind knowing you can do your business in the bedroom and be confident in what you are using for protection. My only recommendation would be that they had a little bit more lube on them. Other than that they were everything I was looking for and needed. Will definitely buy them again.
from California on
Best condoms I’ve used. I’ve had many condoms not fit, but these 57mm condoms fit perfectly and snug. Definitely recommend!
from GA on
By far the best condoms I've tried. Took me a while to get around to trying them, since they are quite pricey, but very happy I did. I was nervous that I wouldn't like them because they're so smooth, but it's wonderful. It really feels like nothing is there, which is surprising coming from a latex condom. These are all we use now. They're completely worth the price!
from Indiana on
I’ve already left a review for Naked condoms in general (see further below in the review section), but my wife and I recently tried a different size, so I wanted to leave a few quick lines about that experience.

We’ve normally used the black package (54 mm), which fits just fine. I consider myself to be somewhere between average and large size, so we decided to try out the red package (52 mm) to see if there was much of a difference. Everything I’ve already said about this product still applies. The only difference was that this one gave me a little snugger fit, which I really liked, as well.

We’ll probably continue to use both sizes. They both fit well. I get a little roomier fit with the black package and more of a standard/snug fit with the red package. Results may vary for you, of course, depending on your size, but I think Naked does a great job of describing the different sizes they offer. I haven’t tried the two extreme ends of the spectrum, but I really like these two sizes in the middle and would think one could safely assume that they do a good job with the other sizes, as well.
from United States on
In my honest opinion, these are the best ones I've purchased, a little on the pricey side but well worth it for me
from Pittsburgh, PA on
They are pricey, but they feel great. You almost forget they are there. It's more natural and they're thin. I would definitely buy again.
from dorchester ma on
very nice condom, obviously feels like theres something there but it is one of the best feeling ones ive tried!
from Puerto Rico on
Naked condoms are the best condoms in the market. Period. They are very comfortable and allow a high degree of feeling furing intercourse, while keeping you safe. I highly recommend this product to all blokes out there.
from PNW on
The Naked 57mmm condoms are my condom of choice (purple package). I haven't tried everything out there, but I have tried a lot of condoms looking for one that fit and felt good. Far too many "large" or even "extra large" condoms are just too tight, and I don't want to have to worry about my condom choking the life out of my boner.

The closest thing I found in fit was a German 60mm condom that fit well, but the feel was terrible and very numb.

The Naked57 is a perfect fit for me, and the feel is terrific. It feels comparable to lambskin, but fits me better than lambskins and of course gives that latex level of protection, which is important to me.

The cost is higher, but these are luxury condoms that are worth the price. Even if I was using one every single day, I would happily pay the price for the comfort, fit and terrific feel.
from NYC on
The naked condoms are really great. Very soft and thin, you can just tell they are better quality than other brands. My boyfriend and I are happy!
from NYC on
Great Condom!!! Feels like nothing on at all. The 57 mm was a perfect fit. Similar feel to lamb skins but without the smell. I recommend this condom. Give it a try.
from NY on
This is by far the best condom we have ever used (57mm - purple package.) We forget that it is there and we have tried quite a few. For reference, we needed width but not as much length, and there are not many condoms that accommodate this. On another note, we have also had an excellent experience ordering from Lucky Bloke. The customer service is outstanding. I never review ANYTHING, but we had such a positive interactions that I have to. We will always use this site from now on. Thank you!
from New York, NY on
I typically try to find condoms slightly above average size. Some common products like trojan Bareskin, Kimono, Okomato, ect. fit ok but are a bit too tight for me. Magnums and other large variety condoms usually are well fit, but not as thin as I'd like them. So I was excited to try something of a variable size that was very thin as well. Given my size I thought I'd try the 54mm which fit great (though I will probably try the 52mm next for comparison). Regardless of the fit, this was the smoothest and most comfortable condom I've ever used (I've tried probably 20-30 different styles / brands). However the price was really too expensive. I could see myself keeping some handy, but only using them on certain occasions, same as when I had a box of trojan lambskins which were equally expensive.
from Queensland on
Liked this product but was weary when put on as it seemed almost too loose for my size even though it didn't move a bit.

Would have too use more often too get used too the different feel 4☆ for me.
from Illinois on
Great feel...wife and I both love the way these feel (or lack of feel in this case). Really feels like there is nothing there. Great for worry free sex.
from WI on

4.5 out of 5
This condom had a awesome feel! The packaging is second to none. After removing the condom from the package it slipped on very quickly with no latex smell. The latex has a soft almost silk feel to it with a very generous amount of lube. It had a very roomy feel almost as if they run a little on the large side but I was never concerned about it slipping off. I compare this condom to the unique pull but much easier to install! I will be placing a order for more!

Thanks LBHQ
from Denver on
This is as close to wearing nothing at all as we've found. These really are amazing! They come 6 to a box, so a quantity of 1 (unlike the other condoms listed on this site), means 1 box of 6, not one condom. Despite being about twice as expensive as many other condoms, they're well worth the price!
from Bangkok, Thailand on
Wow! What a great condom. I received this as a single sample with another product I bought. My wife and I tried it out and we both HIGHLY enjoyed it!

I received the 52mm sample and immediately out of the package, unnoticed the condom was super soft. We paired this with the "Sensuva Eurosense: Aqua" lube and I'm glad we did. The two products are a match made in heaven!! The lube was super silly and we only needed one application.

The condom was the very comfortable. So comfortable that I couldn't feel it at all. I had to check several time to check if was still on. The heat transfer was unbelievable l! My wife kept Raving of its heat transfer ability. I just ordered two boxes. Hopefully they will get here quickly!!
from WDC on
I enjoyed reading the reviews of Naked - great name for condoms. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for Naked, and I agree.

The looseness of the material around my penis moves a bit when I am moving so that she says it feels like my skin. The shape is great for my foreskin. I feel her heat as soon as I go in. The 57 size is great, rolls on so fast at that moment when you can't wait any longer.

Like other reviewers have said, the packing design is superior. I can leave the box out in full view and it gives a completely different impression than, say, a box of Trojan rubbers.
from Canada on
This condom was amazing! My partner and I both voted this as one of the best we've tried. The condom had great sensitivity and heat transfer, fit perfectly, and like others have mentioned felt like you were not wearing anything at all.

If you are like me, and you do your research to find the best condom available, you will see a major difference in this condom when compared to others on the market. This condom has something they call "Pleasure Fit Technology", which is a fancy way to say that the base in smaller, and the top 2 thirds taper out to allow lots of room for movement. One of the main complaints of using condoms for men is the loss of sensitivity. This condom meets us halfway, but providing the space for movement. This movement gives a similar sensation to not wearing a condom at all.

If you are looking for the perfect condom with great sensitivity, you will not be disappointed.
from MN, USA on
Absolutely fantastic! Best I have ever used, it was like wearing nothing! Highly recommended, lube is a little hard to clean but no biggie.
from Europe on
Well, so much hype, tried purple and gray for about bigger than M size but not for some XL. Grey definitely fits better, purple would be for the really larger one. Off course, package is nice , a bit on the bigger square side, very easy to put, no smell but did felt some latex when putting on.. Easy to open. The rubber is very soft, feeling is really close to nothing. But there is an honest but.. If I didnt try skyns, for instance, for much lower price, ore some crown specimen ore unique pull these would be number 1.Id probably order them sometimes for some special feeling, and box for a present so you feel like you are getting a box of fine chocolates but the price will determinate order of Naked.. I think in the really larger section they come as number for M, ore normal L.. There are others
from Indiana on
This condom made us greedy. (I'll explain later.)

This bad boy shot straight up to elite status! It was absolutely superb. We have three favorites that have received 5 out of 5 stars: Unique Pull, Unique Plus, and Sagami Original 0.02 (all nonlatex condoms). Just below that, we have our four elite latex condoms that have received 4 out of 4 stars: One Vanish, Kimono Microthin, Trojan Bareskin, and EXS Air Thin. Now comes the Naked Luxury Condom, which we have placed right in between the other two groups at 4½ out of 5 stars.

The packaging was very nice. It gave the product a first-class feel as we opened it up. I'll be honest, though; once I felt the thickness of the rolled up condom with my fingers, I had serious doubts about how it was going to perform. I say this because, as you can tell by our list of nonlatex favorites and latex elites, we are very picky about condom thickness as this is probably our number-one factor in determining whether or not we like a given product.

We were both very pleasantly surprised, though. Despite the fact that this condom is a little thicker than the ±.045 mm range that we consistently stick to when it comes to latex, it actually outperformed those thinner latex condoms, which is pretty incredible! So, we learned that although thickness is still an extremely important factor and is often a great indicator of how much we will or won't like a condom, it's not everything. There are other factors that can tip the scale regardless, and that's what happened in this instance.

I think this experience all came down to latex quality. The quality of the latex used to make the Naked Luxury Condom is probably the best I've ever encountered, and this resulted in two factors that really heightened the experience: (A) heat transfer and (B) feel.

The heat transfer was excellent. It wasn't quite as good as what we get with nonlatex condoms, such as Unique and Sagami, but it was every bit as good as the four elite latex condoms mentioned above (even though it was slightly thicker). So, we were very pleased with the exchange.

Where this condom really stood out, though, was in the second factor, which was the feel of the latex. This thing felt so soft, smooth, and silky that my wife couldn't stop talking about how amazing it felt. She said, "I know it's thicker than our other latex ones because I notice that it's there a little more than I do with the thinner latex ones, but it's almost as if I don't even care that I notice it because it feels so good."

And, I think that was the most interesting takeaway from this test. Our primary goal has always been to find the condoms that do the best job of making us think they're not there. This one didn't do that. It didn't even attempt to do that, but it still performed very well because instead of trying to make us think it wasn't there by being as thin and unnoticeable as possible, it made its presence known but in a very positive rather than negative way. Instead of saying, "You won't even know I'm here," the Naked Luxury Condom says, "Oh, I'm here, all right. Now let me show you what I can do for you." :-D

And, I suppose that's what they had in mind when they chose the name "Luxury Condom." ;-)

Okay, so how did this condom make us greedy? Well, when we received our box of six, I mentioned to my sister-in-law and her husband that we would give them a couple to try whenever we saw them next. However, that was before we had actually tried them. Once we opened them up and started using them, we instantly regretted having made that offer. After the second test run, as my wife was coming down from her climax, she looks at me and says, "Did you say you would give them a couple of these things? Do you think there's a way we could get away with just giving them one, or not giving them any and hoping they forget about it?" Suddenly, we weren't feeling as generous as were were on the front end... :-D

Anyway, the only reason I placed this one at 4½ stars instead of 5 is that we still think the heat transfer of the extremely thin nonlatex condoms is just a tad better. Plus, I maintain that my preference would still be to not feel the condom at all if possible, which is something that Unique and Sagami do a superb job at. That said, however, if you have to feel a condom, this is the one to go with as it feels exquisite.

Bottom line: The Naked Luxury Condom is a top-shelf latex condom that redefines how a condom should feel and actually even succeeds at making you glad you felt it. It was good enough to make the two of us, who are very picky about not wanting to feel a condom at all, actually enjoy its soft, silky caress.

I would most definitely use this product again and will actually probably end up signing up for a subscription (in addition to our Unique Pull subscription).
from Missouri, USA on
Let me start off by saying WHERE HAS THIS CONDOM BEEN?! I was honestly surprised how great this condom was! At first glance, the condom looked like your standard "boring beige latex" condom, but easily made itself superior once on. This condom did have a latex smell, but it wasn't close to being overpowering or unpleasant. The fit was unlike anything I have tried in the past; it was tight at the base and fit a tad bit loose around the shaft and the crown. There was no slip with this condom, though certain other standard fit condoms slip up maybe half an inch, this one did not. What really gave Naked major points was it's feel! It felt like no other! While this isn't the thinnest condom I've tried, it felt the best! There was great heat transfer and the extra room on the shaft and crown almost made things feel more natural. The lube lasted the whole time, but did leave some residue on my hand.

Overall, this condom had a small latex smell and left a residue on my hand, but those negatives were easily made up by the great engineering and quality of the whole product! The foreign judge in me wants to give it a 4 or 4.5 for those small negatives, but that score wouldn't do this condom justice.
from Evanston, IL on
I'm a little bit techie and was drawn the design of this just makes sense to me. I was not disappointed. The packaging, the fit (I'm no magnum so this is important), and the feel for both of us were all wonderful.

Ditto others on good lubricant and lack of odor.

I just know if felt really good and recommend this brand. Enjoy!
from Canada on
(red foil, 52mm)

Great condom that we used for vaginal sex. While it's probably not my favourite condom, I would definitely use it again.

I'm not quite as smitten with it as Mrs.S' husband, but it's definitely one of the top condoms I've had the pleasure of using.

The packaging is attractive and very easy to open. One thing that threw me a bit off was how BIG the individual packages are. These ones remind me of the Trojan Ecstasy line of wrappers. I'm not sure if they wanted to make it seem like you need bigger than average condom (and hence the wrapper needs to be larger), or if it is a design to make sure you don't damage the condom, but it threw me off a little.

The latex itself felt super silky, smooth, and of a high quality. There was also just enough lubricant to keep things comfortable and long lasting, but without making cleanup difficult.

One thing I was surprised about was the smell. I definitely got a strong latex smell with this condom, which I don't find with other high quality condom brands.

I used the 52 mm version and it fit very well. The base was snug, and the shape of the condom (wider towards the end) meant that it allowed my foreskin to move and was very comfortable and pleasurable for my uncircumcised penis.

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