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Gentlemen, Turn Up the Heat...

Power Glide is a fast-acting gel that dramatically heightens sensation for men and increases blood flow. It makes men feel thicker and firmer while maximizing satisfaction. This unique hybrid-gel is pleasant to apply and provides a silky glide that is massaged directly onto the penis. From what we're told, the results can be dramatic! Some of the possible sensations men might feel include: tingling, buzzing, warmth, increased blood flow, and a slight increase in girth.

Certainly, every man is different and what he feels will fluctuate. The effects are temporary and can last up to an hour. Experiment using different amounts. Use more if a stronger result is desired. Some men will use this as a prep product prior to intercourse to maximize their performance and feel more sensation.

There is no oil in Power Glide so it does not damage latex. This makes it a great product to try for men who have less sensation while wearing condoms.

Vegan friendly. Glycerin and paraben free.

Available in trial pack and 1.7oz pump

Reviews for Sensuva | ON Power Glide (for Him) - NEW!!
4 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from San Diego, CA on
Totally fun gel to try. It smells great, feels great, and definitely has an effect. It's not quite as dramatic as taking a supplement, but it did add a nice bit of heat and tingle. Make sure to remember it's not for internal use - gotta make sure it's fully absorbed/washed off before you let anyone enjoy the benefits.

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