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Like Wearing Absolutely Nothing at All (With More Even Room)

After Okamoto's recent launch of Mega Big Boy, Kimono throws their hat in the ring to compete among the thinnest extra large latex condoms available with Kimono Microthin XL. New Kimono MicroThin XL condoms (thinness measures at .055mm) have a width of 56mm at base, 58mm at shaft and 63mm at head.

Manufactured in Japan, Kimono condoms are recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in sensitivity and strength. Kimono Microthin Large (currently available) is one of the thinnest condoms available and is the perfect fit for those who find standard condoms slightly restrictive. New MicroThin XL offers a longer shaft and more headroom. With Japanese state-of-the-art technology, Kimono has produced a very sophisticated, exceptionally reliable, and ultrathin premium latex condom for those who need (even) more room.

CRITICAL PERFORMANCE TIP:  ALL condoms, especially ultra-thin condoms, require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Treat yourself to our Variety Lube 6-pack, an affordable way to try different lubes and find your favorite. MAXIMIZING PLEASURE TIP: When you're certain the condom you're using fits properly be sure to add a few drops of lube inside the condom and apply a generous amount outside for mutual pleasure.

Reviews for Kimono | MicroThin XL
4.7 out of 5, based on 18 reviews
from England on
These are the best feeling conforms I’ve ever had, can really feel all the pleasure through it!
from MI on
My woman normally asks me to wash immediately after removing a condom because she dislikes the taste/smell of latex, but she doesn't mind having this one in her mouth (she even said it "kind of tastes good"). It also fits well, not too snug, and feels better than any other latex condom I've tried. My new go-to.
from Ohio on
The fit is great on these... probably the best I’ve tried. With some larger condoms the flare is too much but these were great. I liked the One Legend but it was too thick. These were a little more snug but the thinness made up for it!
from New Jersey on
Pretty much everything I want in a condom and nothing I don't. Good fit, nice and thin, not much odor and has adequate lube. Nice.
from Tel Aviv, Israel on
Very good condom. Very thin and it feels great, for a condom ;)
One of the lighter and better feeling condoms I've used.

It has, however a tendency to move from place a few times. I tend to apply some lube before putting on condoms. Because the Kimono Microthin is so thin, you should apply just a little bit of lube before putting it on. Otherwise it might slip off.

After learning how to user it correctly, it's definitely one of my favorites, so far.
from Sao Paulo on
Everything is ok, but I just noticed from the supplier website that this condom is even thinner than reported here: it's 0,055mm instead 0,057mm. You know, we sensitive boys will count to the last number!!
from Brazil on
Nice thickness for a latex condom, a good room to the boy.
from Canada on
I was really hopeful with the "microthin" description, since I'm the sort of guy who really does not enjoy condoms, mostly for the impact on sensitivity. The Kimono microthin was a good fit for me, but the feel wasn't as good as I was hoping, especially after my great experience with the SKYN Elite Large. The smell was also slightly more noticeable than the SKYN.

So, while it's not a condom I would use regularly, it still beats the stuff I used to buy at the drug store.
from Olympia, Wa on
Very thin. Sometimes packages say thin and I can’t tell but this one was very noticeably thin.
from NY on
I struggle to find a good fit with most condoms but this one worked out well. would recommend!
from CA on
Definitely the best from the sample pack. Good fit and doesn't feel it's there. Only downside of being so thin is sometimes it takes an extra second to figure out which way to roll out the condom. Some of the thicker condoms are more pre shaped and therefore easier to roll off.
from UT on
Out of the sampler packs, this brand was the best fit. It was also built to have the best fit with room for the head to breathe.
from Croatia on
I love most Japanese brands and these are one of the best. Very thin you barely feel it during sex.
from Midwest on
The Kimono Microthin XL condom is the first one in awhile that is actually pleasurable to wear. Just right and not constricting, I recommend giving it a try!
from Saudi Arabia on
Very thin. You feel everything. Very pleasurable.
from Colorado on
I've tried so many different condoms from skyn large, trojan XL, and others and this was the only one that actually fit both at the base and head..ALSO they are great on sensation!
from Chicago, IL on
These are great! I would definitely say these are the thinnest latex condoms I have tried yet. They have a very minimal odor, basically the best you can get with latex, and they roll on so very easily. I also enjoyed that they weren't too snug at any point but I didn't feel like it was going to fall off during sex.

If the condom narrows too much at the base, it becomes uncomfortable, depending on how long I go for. I think the grip is a necessity, but If I wanted a love ring on, I will wear one.

I will continue to buy these for my normal supply. Solid condom.
from Indiana on
My wife and I enjoyed this condom.

The feel was very similar to that of the standard Kimono Microthin (.045 mm), which makes sense given that it comes from the same manufacturer. At .057 mm, the latex on this one is a bit thicker than that of its standard-sized counterpart, but the biggest difference, of course, is that the Microthin Extra Large is roomier (as would be expected). This is great for guys who like the feel of Kimono condoms but who need a little bit more room than what their products have traditionally afforded. The nice thing about this is that it addresses a very common complaint regarding Japanese condoms, which tend to run smaller than their American counterparts of the same nominal size.

The Kimono line of condoms boasts some of the thinnest latex condoms available. They're very thin by latex standards and have very good heat transfer. However, my wife and I reserve our five-star ratings for condoms that go way above and beyond in terms of thickness and heat transfer, which, to us, means a thickness of about .02 mm (give or take) and enough heat transfer to give a perception of virtual skin-on-skin contact, causing us to doubt whether or not the condom is still there. Therefore, we gave this condom four stars, but that's a great rating for a latex condom coming from us. We really like Kimono products, and this is another great addition to their superb line.

I tend to be comfortable wearing standard- or large-sized condoms, so I could wear the Kimono Microthin, Microthin Large, or Microthin Extra Large. All else being equal, though, I would obviously opt for the one with the thinnest latex, which is the standard Microthin. However, if that one is a little to snug for you, I feel that you could go with the roomier Microthin Extra Large without sacrificing anything noticeable and would definitely enjoy this product.

This is another great offering by Kimono, and my wife and I were not disappointed.

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