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When Only Your Very Own Lube Will Do

TROJAN Enz Non-Lubricated condoms are some of the few condoms available without lubricant. Made from latex, they are smooth with a classic shape. We recommend using your own water or silicone-based lubricant to prevent the condom from breaking. TROJAN, a favorite condom in the US, are manufactured to the highest global standards.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). It is especially important to keep this in mind when purchasing a non-lubricated ULTRATHIN condom.

Reviews for TROJAN | Enz Non-Lubricated
4.5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from United States on
This was a good one. It's pretty hard to find unlubricated condoms, but this one ended up being thinner than some other ones that claimed they were. Got the job done, and both parties were happy with it.
from Montreal on
My boyfriend insisted on these, as they were the thinnest. With our own lube, it was heaven. They were not quite long enough for him though, there was about 2 inches uncovered after rolling the condom down all the way.

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