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The Ultimate Larger Condom Sampler! Hands down.
Lucky Bloke's ultimate mission is that you have amazing sex with spectacular condoms. To that end, we constantly optimize and upgrade our sampler offerings to give you the perfect introduction to the highest quality, cutting edge condoms available globally. 

Our LB: Ultimate (Generous Fit) Condom assortment is carefully curated to offer a fantastic range of premium condom styles for the (much) more generously endowed
–styles will include a variety of pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed, and studded ...latex and non-latex condoms– for your ultimate pleasure.

Explore styles that include 6, 12 or 24 best-selling condoms from brands like Naked Luxury, Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, SKYN, ONE, or Trojan. A perfect starting point, whether you need something slightly larger than standard or much larger – you'll find what you need. It's also a perfect pick when you just can't decide which great generous fit condoms to order first. Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Condoms. 

NOTE: Order 12 or 24 pack samplers for greater variety AND ENJOY SEXY QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!!

CRITICAL PERFORMANCE TIP:  ALL condoms, especially ultra-thin condoms, require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Treat yourself to our Variety Lube 6-pack, an affordable way to try different lubes and find your favorite. 

MAXIMIZING PLEASURE TIP: When you're certain the condom you're using fits properly be sure to add a few drops of lube inside the condom and apply a generous amount outside for mutual pleasure.

Reviews for Ultimate Large Condom Sampler - Generous Fit Condoms
4.8 out of 5, based on 78 reviews
from PA on
Even within the "large" size range, there's something for everyone. I ordered a 12-pack to try out with my well-endowed partner. A few (namely the Japanese brands) were so small on him that they looked painful and he had to change them out... but this dude who can rarely find a comfortable condom actually ran into a couple in this sampler that were big even on him! For sure, some options were better than others in the smell and feel department, and the very nature of a variety pack like this means you probably won't love every single one. But if you have trouble finding your Goldilocks condom, this is a hassle-free and extra fun way to go about it!

Also, if I could, I'd give like 500 stars to LB's customer service alone. They sent a bunch of freebies and a friendly note with my first order and got it across the country to me in 2 days flat. What sort of voodoo sorcery do you use to make USPS so efficient, LB? What are your secrets???
from Ontario on
Great variety and really changed my opinion on using condoms, can actually be great considering the fit!
from MA on
had no idea all these years condoms were uncomfortable because they were too small for me. THanks Lucky Bloke for helping out the bigger guys!
from MA on
Like the variety (though I took a star off because these are supposed to be ALL latex and the SKYN line is a synthetic that I find irritates me so they get tossed. )
Great way to try different brands and sizes. Has become my go to "brand" so to speak! Thanks Lucky Bloke!
from Portsmouth, Va on
So I bought these as a suprise for my husband. He is always having a hard time with comfort and fit. It was so awesome. The different types, textures and styles you get. Some were normal feel but perfect fit. Some felt like satin and had a more roomy fit. We were able to sample new brands we have never heard of before and found some we liked better then our usual go to. Hands down perfect for shaking things up and figuring what works best for you and your partner.
from New England on
Have struggled with finding the correct size condom for a while now. This sampler pack was great. It had a variety of brands and types and now I have a few different types of condoms that I'm comfortable with and actually enjoy using.
from Phoenix, AZ on
This product came with extra goodies and a wonderful variety to try out! Packaging was discreet.
from Austin Texas on
The sampler is a fantastic idea. I really like the idea of being able to try a bunch of different condoms without having to commit to buying a bunch of any one. I have a stash of extras from doing just that. So far I have only gotten to use a few of them and think they are all better than what I was using. Haven't found that perfect one yet but that's the point of trying them all.

Shipping was fast and discreet. Will order again.
from Wisconsin on
My husband and I are grateful for this sampler pack. We just use condoms during my high fertile days. We were struggling to find that right condoms for my husband so we could enjoy sex during my high fertile days when we would use a condom. We were thankful to have such a great selection of condoms to try. We finally found ones that he doesn't even notice he is wearing. I highly recommend this sampler to determine which condom you like. We also loved the toilet paper roll idea to help determine his correct size.
from Nyc on
I’ve had issues with Trojans/ other common condoms...too constricting etc. the sampler made it easy to find a great fit (one legend) which I ended up buying 25.
from CA on
Fantastic selection of condoms, it's super helpful to be able to try these before you consider buying anything. I highly reccomend it for anyone trying to find their right fit.
from Los Angeles on
Very pleased with the variety of high quality products. Highly recommended!
from MI on
The sample pack had a nice variety to try. It was very helpful in choosing the best fit. Thank you!
from Israel on
i decided to order this condom sampler as i so far dislike most condoms avilable in my country, not to mention there are only few brands here that sells large sizes.
so far i had the oportunity to try out only the kimono microthin, but it was excellent.
from Florida on
LOVING the fun of “Condom training” as we try out the incredible variety included in the pack. Happy to see and experience something other than the drug store offerings which have all been miserable failures for size. Awesome idea, happy I found the website!
from Jackson, MS on
This is absolutely the best money I have ever spent for sexual aids. I didn't even know I required large condoms. I just thought condoms were tight because they weren't supposed to come off. What a difference! It's been really fun trying different ones. I would say keep the package handy and take notes...maybe in the morning. Because you're not really thinking about the brand while you're using it. There are so many different brands, it's difficult to keep up with. But that's a great problem to have, IMO.
from USA on
So pleased with the variety in this sampler, and have ordered many times. The brand range is non-conventional to what you can find in drug stores in the US (ie. Trojan) which is refreshing. My partner and I really love having different shapes and sensations and find ourselves gravitating towards this pack again and again. As usual, speedy shipping, great customer service, and fantastic products. Great buy and all of them fit comfortably. Also, for such an awesome selection and a bulk order, the price is more than fair. Highly recommend :)
from United states on
My boyfriend and I were struggling to find condoms that were right for him. Luckily, I found this sampler and so many of them have worked out very well! It was so nice to try out a ton of different options. Life is good. Definitely recommend!
from United States on
Just got this for my boyfriend and I to try out. Trying to find a condom that doesn't cut off circulation and make him soft has been a struggle. Very good idea to try this out instead of spending money on a whole pack of condoms that might not work! We haven't used any yet but I have a good feeling it might be worth the money~ packaged very well and the condoms were in perfect condition. Shipping was quick too!
from United States on
A good assortment of condoms, and the sizes vary enough that if you like one option, you may well find the size you need via another product.
Found some good options here. Definitely recommended.
from Arizona on
Absolutely loved this starter kit!! I’m going off birth control due to some health reasons but we still don’t want kids. My husband has never enjoyed condom sex and we were both a little apprehensive. The first condom we tried was far, far comfier than any we’ve ever purchased at a drug store. We have found three already that we love!! Feels just like condom-less sex. Thank you, Lucky Bloke!
from LA on
Great Sampler of Condoms. Honestly didn't know what my size really was until I came across this site, and it was great to test out these different condoms to see which ones I liked the most. Thank you for providing me with a great product :)
from SC on
Although this was a nice sampler pack, and generally larger than most I've tried before, none of them really fit right. The my.size sample that comes with it is only their 2nd largest size (64), so I asked Lucky Bloke for a sample of their largest size 69. According to my.size's measuring tape, I'm a bit larger than their largest size, but it still fits me better than any other. So if all of these samples seem too small, ask them if they will sample you the my.size 69.
from Indiana on
Great way to find the best condom. The practice was also fun :).
from Chicago on
I ordered these for my boyfriend after other condoms broke, were too tight, or came off during. This sampler is awesome and let's us experiment with different brands until we found a few that we love. This is perfect if you don't have a brand or size you love!
from TN on
I have found no better way to find the perfect condom. I haven't tried all of the condoms yet, but I have always had a lot of trouble and discomfort with condoms and this sampler turns condoms into something more exciting. Doing business with Lucky Bloke was entirely satisfying. In the package they include a sample of lube, a message thanking you for doing business with them, and even mints with sexual messages on them. All of that is why I'll be buying more from them in the future.
from ny on
I was not with any sexual partners for 7 years so was not in the market for condoms....i have a partner now and now i need condoms. he sent for the sampler pack after magnums were too small...im in the 8.5x6.5 size range and we are both happy now
from Australia on
Bought this sampler and the non-latex sampler to give a variety of condoms to try. Wow. Never realised what was possible in terms of different fits and feels. Highly recommend giving this a try.
from Canada on
I was having problems with finding the right sized condom for me and stumbled upon the Size Guide on Lucky Bloke. Instead of going out and buying a pack of 1 style of 12 condos Lucky Bloke offers a great sample pack of different brands, sizes and fits. Some were a bit big, others a bit snug but I was able to figure out which condom brand and style was for me and have been happy AF since. Thanks Lucky Bloke!
from Augusta, GA on
Wow. I had just resigned myself to either taking risks or not enjoying sex with condoms. Little did I realize that I am "large!" This assortment has helped me realize that there is pleasure in sex with condoms and that there's a world to explore in the different types of condoms available. I am very grateful to Lucky Bloke for opening this world to me.
from Midwest on
Magnums weren't cutting it - they're not wide enough and since we couldn't roll them down all the way, I have no idea if they are long enough. So far the round red packaged sample condoms (ONE The Legend) has fit the best. The ring is wider and easier to slide down, but we're still testing to see if there's one included even slightly larger. Although the ONE is wider, it still doesn't seem to be long enough.
from New York on
This sampler was very helpful. I didn't know that I had the wrong size and therefore always had a bad experience with condoms. I found 2 in this pack that make a big difference for me.
from New Jersey on
Glyde Maxi snd Kimono Large are the best others are bit loose for me girth wise. Now I know what fits me thanks to this sampler.
from California on
I purchased this sampler for my boyfriend and me to try. He's on the larger side and I always used birth control before because the condoms we used would always break. The latest birth control I was on was causing me way too many negative side effects so we needed to find something else. We've only gotten a chance to try 3 condoms so far. The second one we used broke right after he put it on (girth didn't work out) but the third one we tried was great! It's now become a fun game for us to try something new from the bag of goodies. This makes way more sense than buying a box or two of condoms that are hit or miss. I would recommend this to anyone with a large member!

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