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How to Choose the Best Condoms for You & Your Partner
This video, featuring Melissa White (our CEO), was first published on Huffington Post.

Why Condom Size & Quality Matter

(And Why Condom Use Should Be About Pleasure First...)

We don't have to tell you, when people don't like condoms they don't use them...certainly not every time they should. However, sex with condoms can be amazing.  And, if you disagree, we can help. We even guarantee it.

Quality and personal fit are as essential to condoms as they are to any other type of apparelCould you imagine if shoes were available in only one style and only one size?!  Probably not. However if you didn't realize condoms came in more than one size, you're not alone. In fact, most condom users have no idea.  And often people who really dislike condoms are wearing the wrong size.

How to find your condom size. | How to find your partner's condom size.
It then comes as no surprise, many of us (through repeated, uncomfortable experiences) have come to view condoms as – at best – a necessary evil.

As a result, a great number of condom users simply grab the cheapest condoms available.  If you already dislike condoms, why would you pay any more than you have to when you need them?  Or one better: forget buying them altogether, why not simply use free ones from a local club or bar – they're all the same, right?! Actually, no.    Not at all.   Not even close.

Condoms are not one-size-fits-all.  And, all condoms are not created equal.

However, it is unlikely that your perfect condom is even sold at your local store.
How will you have the opportunity to try it – if you can’t even find it?

We’re here to provide that opportunity. Explore the Best Condom Samplers Available!


We offer a carefully curated selection of the very best condoms from around the world.  If it's not a superior condom, we simply don't carry it. Because only premium condoms offer a premium experience.

Let's Get You On Your Way to Better Sex:
#1: Find Your Condom Size!
#2: Explore the Best Condom Samplers In Your Size!