Mission: Great Sex! Participant Feedback

Safer sex can absolutely be great sex. And, Mission: Great Sex! allowed condom users the opportunity to sample the very best premium condoms available globally. Before the review, many applicants stated they'd never found a condom style that truly worked for them. Lucky Bloke intended to change that.  

Here's how we did:


"I honestly didn't think there was too much variation in condoms. I had no idea that premium condoms existed or were worth the cost. I'm not going back to the drug store brands!"   Reviewer 25 | Female | 25-30 from Oregon, USA on July 22, 2012

“I found a favorite condom from the review that I would have never tried because I probably wouldn't have strayed from my usual brand.”  Reviewer 205 | Male | 25-30 from Ohio, USA on Jun 01, 2012

"I totally hated condoms before. Now, I love using them. I can barely believe it."  Reviewer 169 | Male | 20-25 from Illinois on Aug 03, 2012

“I've never had a problem with condoms, but when I found the one I loved, it became an added bonus instead of just a method of protection.”  Reviewer 214 | Female | 25-30 from Oklahoma, USA on Aug 01, 2012

“I thought that most condoms were the same. That's so not true! And they aren't all that bad, if you choose the right style."  Reviewer 66 | Male | 25-30 from Montana, USA on Jun 28, 2012

"I didn't think condoms could enhance sex very much, I just thought of the goal being that they were as unnoticeable as possible. For my boyfriend, he didn't think any guys really needed XL condoms, he thought that was just dudes being arrogant. However, he found that the XL condoms fit him so much more comfortably, meaning better sex for him and no more broken condoms!" Reviewer 284 | Female | 25-30 from Tennessee, USA on July 10, 2012

"The mission made me realize that there's a whole variety of condoms to choose from that added excitement to sex. It helped me have better communication with my partner when it comes to safe sex." Reviewer 565 | Male | 25-30 from Mexico on July 17, 2012

"I now feel that condoms can give pleasure and we can still be safe while having fun!" Reviewer 216 | Female | 20-25 from California, USA on July 30, 2012

"It was awesome to try them all out. I never thought I'd agree that condoms don't have to be a drag."  Reviewer 157 | Male | 25-30 from Arizona on Aug 27, 2012

"Thanks again! I loved the polyurethane condom, which shocked me!  I would never had a reason to try any non-latex condoms. Now it's my favorite. Crazy."  Reviewer 302 | Male | 20-25 from Canada on July 10, 2012 

“Having sex wearing a condom can actually even feel better than wearing no condom at all.”  Reviewer 614 | Male | 25-30 from Oregon, USA on Jun 01, 2012 

“I now know that there are condoms that can be pleasant to use :)”  Reviewer 362 | Female | 30-35 from Michigan, USA on Jun 21, 2012

Completely changed my life! I'd never tried anything outside of Trojan brand and now I realize they don't work for me at all!   Reviewer 309 | Female | 25-30 from California on Aug 23, 2012


"It was just really fun to pick a new condom to try for the night!" Reviewer 355 | Male | 25-30 from Canada on July 11, 2012

“This was such a great experience. Before this review, my boyfriend and I struggled so much with condoms breaking and getting in the way of sex. It was even creating a problem in our relationship. Melissa called me personally to make sure I got condoms and lube that  would take care of that problem.  We were really impressed with the personalized and friendly service, a big push to show that great sex can be safe and people shouldn't be ashamed of it, and Lucky Bloke's donation to charities is awesome."  Reviewer 426 | Female | 25-30 from Missouri, USA on July 10, 2012

“Mission: Great Sex!  has definitely improved our sex life. :)”  Reviewer 178 | Male | 30-35 from Serbia on Jun 01, 2012

"It opened me and my partner up to new things. It also added another aspect of fun to our sex life. We were able to bond even more over testing and reviewing these condoms! Loved being able to see how much each condom differed from the next. Even if they looked similar!"  Reviewer 481 | Female | 25-30 from Pennsylvania, USA on Aug 11, 2012

“Generally added excitement and made our sex life better!”   Reviewer 766 | Male | 25-30 from California, USA on Aug 01, 2012

“Sex with my boyfriend was just.....WOW! and these made it even better! Please please send more, the first mission was a success and so too shall this one!”  Reviewer 160 | Female | 25-30 from Nevada, USA on July 17, 2012

"Increased anticipation each time I produced a new condom, and wondering what it would feel like, caused me to have a harder erection, and therefore more fun!"  Reviewer 249 | Male | 25-30 from Great Britain on Aug 14, 2012
"My lover and I were excited the try new and exciting condoms that we had never heard of. Plus since we are broke we got to try the premium ones that we usually don't buy! What a difference! Thanks for spicing up our love life!"  Reviewer 270 | Male | 25-30 from Oregon, USA on Aug 21, 2012

"It added excited and experimentation without having to do anything other than trying new condoms. The new sensations that came with each brand was enough to add some fun to the experience. Thanks!" Reviewer 329 | Male | 20-25 from New York, USA on Jun 21, 2012

“Introduced me to great new condoms. The new condoms added something spectacular to my sex life.”  Reviewer 143 | Female | 30-35 from France on Jun 30, 2012

"We were (semi) forced to step outside of our comfort zone by being shipped new condoms and lube we had never heard of and oh boy did we have fun.  Getting a package from Lucky Bloke is like opening a present on Christmas morning!"  Reviewer 47 | Female | 20-25 from Maryland, USA on Jun 21, 2012

"I was introduced to new great condoms. Exploring new condoms added excitement to sex. Receiving free premium condom and lube rocked. I enjoyed sharing my opinions." Reviewer 555| Male | 25-30 from Florida, USA on July 11, 2012