Use Bitcoin to Buy Your Condoms!

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Did you know that condoms are available in 3 size categories?

We're here to break the one-size-fits-all condom myth and lead you to the land of surprisingly amazing safer sex. Condoms, once made solely for protection, are now made with absolute pleasure in mind. If you're wearing a condom that fits like a glove, both partners will have an enhanced, more pleasurable (and much safer) experience.

While condoms should feel snug and secure, they should never feel too loose OR too tight (or ever cause discomfort) those are indicators you are using the wrong size.

How to determine your condom size:


STEP 1:    A toilet paper roll helps find your condom size! 
STEP 2:    Simply slide it over your favorite erect penis.

If there is extra room:


The perfect option if you find condoms too loose, they slip, or you worry  they might fall off. These are the best option for 35% of men. Maximize your pleasure and peace of mind!


If there is just enough room:

Best fit for 50% of men. Buy a sampler and you will discover that we've selected the very best MEDIUM (standard) sized condoms – from across the entire planet – just for you!


If it doesn't fit or it is much too tight:     






Do you find condoms incredibly tight or even painful? You're not alone either.  This is the best option for 15-20% of men.  We carry the very best larger sizes and wider shaped condoms for you. 


If you don't have your favorite erect penis
handy, or your just not sure:   


This sampler is a fantastic option if you (or your partner) is between sizes. The Perfect Fit Finder comes with a smaller to medium option, a medium to larger option, and a try all 3 sizes option. 


You're steps away from a radically improved relationship with condoms.  Huzzah!

Buy a condom sampler today and find the condoms that will heighten your pleasure! With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -- you have nothing to lose, but your relationship with mediocre condoms!