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Another Non-Lubricated Condom Option.

Atlas Non-Lubricated condoms are dry condoms that are often used for oral sex and by those allergic to lubricant. These condoms have absolutely no lubrication – so you will want to choose the silicone or water-based lube of your choice. 

Condom Fit: Regular / Standard / Medium
Condom Style: Standard (Classic)
Lubricant: None
Nominal Width: 53mm
Nominal Length: 180mm

CRITICAL PERFORMANCE TIP:  ALL condoms, especially ultra-thin condoms, require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Treat yourself to our Variety Lube 6-pack, an affordable way to try different lubes and find your favorite. If you'd like to use these for oral sex, we recommend flavored lube to minimize the taste and smell of latex.

MAXIMIZING PLEASURE TIP: When you're certain the condom you're using fits properly be sure to add a few drops of lube inside the condom and apply a generous amount outside for mutual pleasure.

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