Aunt Flow | Organic Cotton Tampons (Non-Applicator)

Aunt Flow

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Organic Cotton. No Applicator.

  • 100% organic cotton (no perfumes, dyes, or other synthetics)
  • Smooth tip for easy insertion
  • Tampon expands radially for maximum absorption
  • Flushable
  • Regular absorbency
  • Dedication to period positivity requires full transparency. Leading menstrual product brands are not required to disclose their ingredients. They can be bleached with chlorine, and contain synthetics, dyes, and chemicals. Aunt Flow non-applicator tampons are 100% organic cotton.

    Extra (feel-very-good) Bonus: 

    Aunt Flow's commitment: For every 10 menstrual products we sell, we donate 1 to PERIOD INC. to distribute to menstruators in need.


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