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Bracelets Transform to Handcuffs...When You're Ready.

Decorate wrists with this lovely pair of Rianne S Diamond Liz bracelets. They can begin as bracelets and transform into handcuffs to lend a touch of spice to your intimate play times. These sparkling handcuffs in metal chain link are a fine combination of eroticism and sophistication.

Wear them as sparkly jewellery when you go out, and then as things transpire, transform them into a sublime pair of handcuffs.

The captivating Rianne S Diamond Liz bracelets will add an elegant touch of romance to erotic games. Designed with a golden finish and topped with sparkling black, white and purple rhinestones.

Perfect with favorite looks, lingerie or on bare skin alone.

Located in Amsterdam, and established in 2010, RIANNE S is committed to inspiring trust in women and highlight that every RIANNE S product is designed by a woman for women. This is also the reason why everything at RIANNE S is done with care, from the designing to the packaging and branding. As Rianne herself puts is: “This is my passion, my love for female well-being in general, but especially their sexual wellness."


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