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While the FC2 is not available to purchase without a prescription...WE ARE EXCITED TO LET YOU KNOW THERE IS A NEW OPTION!! UNIQUE INTERNAL CONDOMS (linked here)!!

The FC2 "Female" Condom (we prefer: internal condom) offers many advantages for couples who want to ensure protection from pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infection. The internal condom is a strong, thin and flexible nitrile (non-latex) sheath inserted into the vagina (4 to 6 hours) prior to sex. It has a flexible inner ring for easy insertion and is absolutely latex-free. It is pre-lubricated with a slick silicone-based lubricant, but additional lubricant can be used as well.

Because it is worn inside the receiving partner, it works for all sizes of penises. All in all it's a great condom to have in any woman's sexy arsenal (aka tool kit).  Manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards, it is the exact same condom that is known as Pasante in the UK.

PERFORMANCE TIP: On a sensual note, nitrile is a heat sensitive material (it warms up and adheres to the vaginal walls during sex) leading to a more natural, pleasurable feeling for both partners.

While the FC2 is not available to purchase without a prescription...WE ARE EXCITED TO LET YOU KNOW THERE IS A NEW OPTION!! UNIQUE INTERNAL CONDOMS (linked here)!!


Reviews for Pasante (FC2) | Internal (Female) Condom
4.3 out of 5, based on 28 reviews
from USA on
Wasn't sure how this was going to feel but changed my mind immediately. The recommendation of inserting about 30 minutes before actual intercourse does make it form to the inside of the vaginal walls and makes it feel very natural. The rings do add a little something & the lubrication is a plus too. It does feel weird at first but if both partners are open to it, it makes for a nice experience.
from WA on
My girlfriend loves this female condom. She felt it was more empowering for her to have a condom that was hers. The outer rim stimulated her during coitus. I was a little reluctant having never experienced one before. It felt a lot less constricting and more real than a condom. There’s a comical plasticky noise while thrusting but it’s not bad. Highly recommended by both of us.
from NC on
Awesome for use with partners who have more girth. My partner finds the XL condoms we've tried too tight but also too long. This solved that problem! A little more expensive but with the referral/points program I've been able to get some for free so that's been awesome.
from USA on
So I always thought condoms are just uncomfortable. And then after a bunch of searching I found LuckyBloke! That's when I measured my manhood and discovered that the Super XL condoms I was buying were just not big enough around. I ordered an XL Sampler from LuckyBloke, and also decided to give this female condom a try. After discovering that many of the XL condoms in the sampler were still too small, my wife and I tried this female condom. Wow!!! This thing is amazing! We weren't sure at first if we would like it, but boy is it great! It's the closest thing to no condom that I've ever tried. I'm here to order quite a few more. Anyone need a bunch of new XL male condoms? :)
from GA on
I purchased these FC2 condoms to use with a partner who is large enough that he often breaks male condoms. We were also looking for non-latex options so we tried this one out. While it is more difficult and awkward to use than male condoms, we found it worth the effort. It stayed in place and worked beautifully. I also found that I enjoyed the stimulation of both the inner and outer rings. (Women who do not like cervical stimulation might not enjoy the inner ring.) The trick to using it successfully the first time: Have my partner help insert it and make sure the inner ring was seated deeply and open. Then wait 20 minutes (or as long as your self control lasts) to let the condom conform to the vaginal walls. Have some extra lube hand and have fun.
from Columbia MO on
My partner received the female condom as a free gift with his order of regular condoms and we gave it a try and it was so successful I ordered a dozen, it's all we use now because we both get a lot of sensation and pleasure. Lots more than with a regular condom, he says it is thinner and gives him lots more feeling. He removes the internal ring because he finds it weird, I can't tell the difference either way. I find the sensation better as well. They're great and I have every intention of continuing to order them.
from San Diego Ca. on
I confer with all the positive reviews. The FC2 was great. My girlfriend always insists on using condoms; so this time I turned the tables on her a bit and told her I wanted to try something a little different. She was unfamiliar with the FC2 and hesitant at first, but was willing to try. It was very easy to use. Yes it is pre-lubed so you do get a little lube on your hands and yes visually it does stick out and look a little funny or different, but it performs great. For me it was the next best thing to not using any protection at all. It felt very natural and afterwards I did not receive any complaints from her. A quick visit to YouTube on how to use is a good idea. Again, easy and fun to insert and remove. I loved it and suggest trying it at least once; I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
from Canada on
My partner struggled with feeling enough using condoms, we had tried some of the snugger fit ones, which some were not bad, but also decided to give this one a try. He very much enjoyed it, and although there was slightly less feeling for me, the total enjoyment for both of us is greater. Insertion isn't hard if you know how to use a tampon or menstrual cup.
from Indiana on
Honestly, neither my wife nor I enjoyed this condom at all. It was a huge hassle to deal with and offered very little payoff once applied. We only used it for a minute or two, both decided that it wasn't working for us, and disposed of it in favor of one of several more preferable options.

Based on the above, I normally would have given this product just a single star; however, I've decided to go with three stars in order to give it the benefit of the doubt to a certain extent. The reason for this is that, based on reviews I've seen from others who have tried the FC2, I do feel that a large part of our negative experience could possibly be attributed to operator error on our part, and I get the impression that with some practice this could be a halfway decent product...maybe.

That said, however, we have no real motivation to continue using it because there are so many other products that feel much better, cost less, and aren't nearly the hassle that this thing was. So, my wife and I probably won't use this product again. It was worth a shot, though.
from Canada on
4 out of 5 stars

Overall Impression
Wow! If you've never tried the female condom before, you owe yourself to try it at least once. Both my wife and I were a bit skeptical at first, but as an uncircumcised male, the sensations that this condom gave me were the closest to not using a condom at all.

With that said, my reasons for not giving this condom a full 5 stars are as follows:
My wife mentioned that it reduced some of the sensation for her. Female condoms are harder to find and more expensive than male condoms. Finally, the condom is a bit trickier to use than a traditional male condom.

Fit and Feel
You do not have to worry about the condom fitting, as it goes inside the receptive partner as opposed to on the penetrating partner. This condom would be even better for someone who is having a hard time finding a condom that fits properly.

This condom felt fantastic on my end. It is definitely the condom I've used that has given me the closest sensation to not wearing one.

My wife did mention that it reduced some of the sensation for her.

Smell and Taste
There is no smell or taste to this condom.
from Canada on
This was a very unique experience. It was my first time trying this type of condom and I was pleasantly surprised.

As a guy, this condom allows him to feel the sensation of movement that we do not get with regular condoms. I enjoyed this, however it is worth noting that although I had added sensitivity in this area, you also lose a certain amount of feedback from your partner (the feel of wetness / changes throughout intercourse). Instead there is just a consistent feeling.

From a female perspective, my partner enjoyed it however did mentioned a slight decrease in sensitivity. Someone mentioned they did not like the feeling of the ring on their cervix, buy my partner actually liked this feeling.

Your experience might be different, but overall we enjoyed this condom. If you've never tired it before, it is definitely something unique and fun to try.
from MO on
I love this condom. So. Freaking. Much.

So I have an issue of needing to use quite a bit of lube when I use condoms, and my vagina still being uncomfortable during intercourse. This one has enough lube to comfortably get it in place and once you get going, it will sort of "stay in place."

Since it's made of nitrile it doesn't reek like latex does and that's a huge plus. My boyfriend seemed to really like it, but I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I had zero discomfort and was thoroughly enjoying myself (and therefore performing at my A-game). Of course we didn't have any fit issues since it was inside of me and not on him :)

There's a ton of Youtube videos on how to put these babies in, and my favorite is the Sexplanations video on Condoms which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TAU1Z_CEs4

So the downsides! These have a little bit of a learning curve. When I had a period (I have a Mirena, so I don't really have them anymore), I used a menstrual cup, so I am VERY familiar with putting things in my vagina that can be tricky. But once it's there, it's great.

They can also be tricky to get ahold of when wanting them quickly. The only place that I can find them consistently is Planned Parenthood and here at Lucky Bloke. And if you do find them for sale, they are way more expensive than external condoms. I personally like trying all of the fancy shmancy external condoms that there are, so I haven't bought very many.

I absolutely think that everyone should try these. I think it's the closest thing to no condom sex that I have tried, so you should absolutely try these. Have fun!!!
from NY on
Husband Loves them! Says it's a HUGE difference from a regular man's condom. He said it felt very natural and could feel more heat. I liked it better too.
from Canada on
Oh God no.
My partner is a larger guy, so we tried these because traditional condoms are too small for him. These only come in one size and I am a petite woman; not sure if that had anything to do with the fact it was very difficult to insert. Then it was difficult to get him in, despite several attempts and lube, because there was so much bunched up material. It literally seemed like f**king a plastic bag. Eventually we were able to get going, with lots of laughing, and then the condom got pushed up inside me (thus being totally ineffective).
I was confused by reviews saying they could put this in at the start of an evening, as if it wouldn't be noticeable. It is totally noticeable...you have a bunch of plastic coming out of your vagina.
Having said all this, I do have a girlfriend who had success with these, also with a well-endowed partner.
We tried the my.size condoms (I found on this site) in the biggest size they have, and are super pleased with them.
from USA on
The challenge: My partner has a rather large cock.

We've tried Magnums. We've tried Magnum XL. Each of these have been too tight at the base of his penis. Uncomfortably so, and would make it difficult for him to maintain an erection.

On a whim, I decided to try Female Condoms. It had been well over a decade since I had tried them, and my memories of them had been like trying to put a small baggie into my vagina. They didn't feel good enough for either of us to go to the trouble.

Fast forward to 2015 and there seem to have been improvements to the design. Easy to insert (especially if you are familiar with using a menstrual cup or a diaphragm), and they seem to warm up and conform to the vaginal canal. I like to add a little water-based lube to my partner's penis before he glides in. The difference between a too-tight condom and this is intense pleasure.

I just love these condoms. They have vastly improved my sex life.

Cons? Well, the part that hangs out side of the vagina is a little silly looking, but lets face it, we see plenty of silly things while having sex, don't we?

Worth every penny, and as a previous reviewer mentioned, Lucky Bloke is a better value than Amazon.
from United States on
My partner and I are in a cisgender heterosexual relationship.

This one is great if you and/or your partner are not that experienced (or if you are rather experienced). It creates a channel that allows for easier P-in-V insertion. If your partner's erection subsides, the condom stays in place, so unlike a male condom, you don't have to deal with pulling back a baggy condom.
It is pretty easy to insert. It is about as easy as inserting a tampon (and 10x easier to insert than a menstrual cup). The instructions on the package might not be too clear if you don't know anything about the female condom. You can look up some how-to videos on YouTube, but I'm gonna tell you what the how-to's don't: The ring is flexible but springy, and the toughest part is keeping it folded while putting it in. Also, keep in mind that the condom is lubricated, so your hands will get a little icky. Once you get the ring in (holding the outside of the condom), you want to push it in as far as is comfortable (with your fingers on the inside of the condom). It does look weird, because it sticks out of your body, and you walk funny because there is something dangling between your legs. It does not hurt; if it is in properly, you shouldn't feel it much at all. It also doesn't hurt to take it out, which was something that I was worried about. The ring conforms to your body and it glides right out. Once it is at your vaginal opening, it springs open into a circle again. It might feel weird, but it is so flexible that it doesn't hurt.
I recommend getting one for practice before you use one with your partner. If you're into saving money, Lucky Bloke has the best per-unit price on the female condom (yes, even better than Amazon). I love the female condom, and I highly recommend that you give it a try.
from US on
The female condoms are actually preferred to the male condoms for my partner and I. We both consider using the FC2 condoms to not only be more comfortable, but relatively easy to administer with a little bit of practice. Would recommend to anyone that has problems with discomfort or desensitization with a male condom.
from Canada on
While they are not always our first choice they are always good to have these on hand.
from Apex, North Carolina on
I first heard about Lucky Bloke on the 'Life on the Swingset' podcast. I had not used a female condom in many years, and my recollection of them was that they were awkward and bulky. My current partner and I were very pleasantly surprised that this particular type of condom was easy to insert, hardly detectable once inside and very comfortable. It did move around a bit in a way that a male condom does not, but that hardly mattered. All in all, this female condom would be an excellent choice for a woman who wants to control her own approach to safe sexual conduct. Keep up the great work, Lucky Bloke!
from Dallas on
My girlfriend and I love the female condom. I'm not very big down there so other condoms are tough to find and use. But these are perfect. They were weird at first but you forget they are there after a bit.
from Estonia on
This one is a funny one! First you need to pay attention to the instructions but it's very easy to understand the pictures. Then we decided that he should put it in and he loved it! We are a couple that is very much ok with such intimacy but if you are not ok with your partner at this level you can take advantage of the fact that you can put this condom in you even before you meet your partner. So you avoid part of body issue.
I didnt felt the inner ring, so it wasnt painful or disturbing. It's very thin and gives your partner extra room because he is not bagging his material. It's easy to insert, not a problem as it might look at the first sight. Looks funny because it covers part of your body outside, but this is not an interference. If your partner doesnt like condoms or if you would like to give him a rest this might be a good thing to try. Last point: latex free, no smell no allergies. Fits all sizes of guys. "Success!"
from Orlando on
I love how I can discreetly put one of these in before a date or if I'm on a sleep-over. It makes it so that I feel protected even if my partner does not like condoms. I'm shy, but my boyfriends have been happy to experiment with me when I tell them I'd like to try it. The boys say it feels much better than a regular condom for them especially if we add a drop or two of lubricant on the inside. It does feel a bit strange at first for me, a bit numbed and more like pleasant pressure. However, the peace of mind that I'm protected from STDs and even some skin to skin transmitted ones due to the generous overhang is worth the trade. I like the control without worrying about proper fit for him. Highly recommend.
from Washington, D.C. on
I recently purchased half a dozen FC2s to try out with a new partner. He was a big fan- especially when we added a little lube to the inside. Normally condoms are too restricting for his taste, but he said this felt like nothing was there. This is definitely the biggest benefit. Worked fine for me too, although if you ladies like it slick, this may be a bit dry for you. Also, changing positions is a little trickier mid-act, and the inner ring is a little awkward to get back in if some vigorous movies pull it out. Overall, a solid option to add into rotation!
from Athens, Greece on
A very different experience, for both me and my partner it was a very nice sensation and we definitely felt like there was nothing there. Its kinda funny how it looks like, but as we both have a great sense of humor, that added to the nice feeling, a very nice product, a very nice idea. You should at least try it.
from Jefferson City on
Once you get the hang of the insertion, it's much better than a regular condom. I like having the control when it comes to protection.
from tx on
As a woman, this condom was just uncomfortable. It was awkward trying to insert it correctly, and part of the condom hangs outside of the vagina, making foreplay even more uncomfortable (or impossible?) than the insertion. My long-term boyfriend and I didn't even get to use it - we tried but it was just too uncomfortable and awkward, and we just kept laughing. Eventually I just took it out and my boyfriend put on a "normal" condom.
Maybe it's just because we didn't actually use it, but neither my boyfriend nor myself would recommend this condom.
from Charlotte, NC on
Just tried this for the first time and wow. While it can be a bit awkward to insert (there was a lot of giggling), once in there you don't really realize it is there. It felt amazing for both myself and my husband. Definitely something we will be using again.
from Washington DC on
Women, you need to get on the ball and try these out. They are so amazing. You can put them in before you leave for your date and this allows you to be spontaneous and protected. Also they feel amazing. Yes, amazing. Most guys are a little surprised about them, but once they use them totally converted. Try the female condom you won't be sorry!!!!

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