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ESP (Enjoyable Safe Pleasure) may very well be the coolest condoms from Italy.

For those of you who prefer a tighter more secure fit, ESP has introduced - ESP Tight. A thin and sensitive condom for those who enjoy exploring the best condoms from around the world.  ESP condoms are produced to the highest global standards and are the perfect combination of Italian design and German technology.

Width: 49mm
Length: 190mm
Thickness: 0.06mm

CRITICAL PERFORMANCE TIP:  ALL condoms, especially ultra-thin condoms, require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Treat yourself to our Variety Lube 6-pack, an affordable way to try different lubes and find your favorite. 

MAXIMIZING PLEASURE TIP: When you're certain the condom you're using fits properly be sure to add a few drops of lube inside the condom and apply a generous amount outside for mutual pleasure.

Reviews for ESP | Tight - NEW!!
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from California on
I usually use a caution wear as my go to condom as that is the best fit for me but I do not like the fact that it is too thick. Compared to that, the ESP was much better. It fit almost as securely while being thinner. The smell is sweet, It does not smell of latex but its also not very over powering. I did not feel the need to use lubrication with this condom, there was just enough lube on it for the job. Overall highly recommended as a secure/ slim fit condom.
from Chicago on
We really enjoyed this condom! It fits tighter than most or all of the 49mm condoms I’ve tried. XS tight grip with discreet packaging and solid comfort. Will definitely keep this one in the mix.

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