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Bigger than a Magnum, My Size is a True XL Condom!

If you have been looking for a larger, less restrictive condom, but might not need the world's very largest condom – your search is over! When most condoms say they're XL, they're not. However, at 60mm, 64mm and 69mm, MY SIZE extra large condoms, are just that: much larger. What's better than MyOne? My Size.

At 60mm wide, the MY.SIZE 60 condom offers the third widest shaft and is almost the most generous option in our globally diverse larger condom line-up. If 69mm or 64mm are too wide, you'll want to try this generous condom option.

MY.SIZE (now MY.SIZE PRO), an innovative German condom manufacturer, understands that the best fit for you, translates to more pleasurable and safer sex. They offer their condom line in nine sizes ranging from 45mm to 72mm (1.7 to 2.8 inches). MY.SIZE condoms are vegan and manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards.

Note: MY SIZE (PRO) introduces the 45mm and 72mm and relaunches the entire collection with a thinner profile for a closer feel.

Reviews for MY SIZE | 60mm
4.6 out of 5, based on 22 reviews
from Olympia,Wa on
MY SIZE are a great condom. I tried the 60mm, 64mm, and the 69mm to find the best fit. I recommend doing the same. Girlfriend liked afterwards there’s not a heavy taste. Pretty thin. And super fast shipping. So quick I didn’t know what the package was when I got it. Very surprised.
from Florida on
Great fit with the wider base, very high quality and feels strong but not too thick. Vegan is a nice added bonus
from NSW on
Great price, quick delivery and great quality. Recommend.
from US on
This condom is so great. I used it on a 6 inch guy with a dick a little on the skimpy side for girth, because that's the only size I had on me. It still fit great. He was fine with it. I have also used it on someone almost 8 inches and pretty girthy. It has a lot of stretch to it. I really like this brand!
from USA on
I normally can't use lubricated condoms from the drug store. The lube gives me Girl Problems big time. I can't even use medicine down there or swim in a pool. Chemicals are a no-no.

The lube on this brand of condom is well tolerated. I've had no problems! The 60mm size is great for a 7-8 inch guy with decent girth.
from TX on
Not bad. More room in the shaft.
from Tennessee on
These fit perfectly! Regular condoms cut off circulation, but tro magnums are too thick. This is the Goldilocks for those who are in the middle!
from Australia on
I love these. Still my favourite condoms at this size. I sometimes wish the same range of "features" existed for larger condoms but at least these fit and you can still feel things. Would recommend checking out their website, you can actually "measure" yourself and try out some sizes to ensure you find the right fit.
from Indianapolis on
These area great! Fit perfect and feel like nothing is on. Thanks for an amazing product.
from CA on
My partner and I have tried a number of different condoms, but these, unlike other condoms marketed as "larger", are specifically targeted toward those requiring something wider. Furthermore, with brands such as Durex XXL and similar "larger" condoms, we've experienced breakage during intercourse, whereas with My.Size there has been none at all. Just make sure you use the app to measure yourself first, and find the perfect fit for you and your partner.
from usa on
fit perfectly, used the app to measure
from NY on
Finally, a condom manufacturer that makes larger widths. For the longest time, my partner thought he couldn't 'feel much of anything' because of the condom thickness. Tried various thinner condoms only to discover that even the typical XL condoms were too snug. Very happy to have found these.
from California on
This size was great for me, but I'm still looking for a thinner condom.
from Vienna on
We, my sex partner and I, are male both. I am only "passive", the female part, my sex partner must cover the condom. Because the condom is strained in our case, even more than with vaginal sexual intercourse, it must be very robust. For me the preservative must be sure very much, there I do not know whether my sex partner is healthy. Much more nicely it would be for us both if we could have sexual intercourse without condom, but it is too unsafe to me.
We have used many different condoms and had big problems with it over and over again. Most of the condoms we have used, only few of our demands have fulfilled. Several times the respective condom has burst after he has penetrated into my Pussy, or even if it was already a longer time in me. Thereby he has squirted his sperm liquid several times in me, as if we had used no condom. Another problem with the search for the right condom for us, is his penis size. For his penis size there is no very big choice.
One and a half years ago I have in a magazine about this MY. SIZE - condom read. A few days later I have bought this condom, and have given at the meeting to my sex partner.
Already while covering, we both have noticed that this condom is completely different when the condoms we had up to now.
This condom fulfils all our demands / expectations, it can be covered very easily, it fits perfectly, it is wafer-thin, it is very firm, very sure, the material is very pleasant, it feels like "without condom". Also the heat transfer, is perfect with this condom for us. My sex partner uses this condom for one and a half years and we both are inspired. After long search I have found this condom and have since that time a harmonious sex life, with my partner.
This condom must agree ***** +, it can only recommend.
from USA on
Well... The My.Size website recommended their 64mm rubber for me, based on my measurement, and indeed that worked. I also tried this one, one size smaller and, while snugger in fit, it worked well also. It fits very securely, which sometimes might be an improvement... I'll let the reader fill in the blanks on that.

Anyway, big points to Lucky Bloke for making this line of condoms available from a US business. The idea behind the My.Size brand is ingenious! You pick the size according to your own requirements. As the My.Size size recommendation seems generous if anything, I suggest you try whatever they suggest for you, and also one size down from that.

As to the condom itself, it's just as I said in my review of the 64mm version. "They are thicker than I would like, and they smell and taste rather distinctly of latex." Those are the issues that get it four stars instead of five. The condoms are made of soft-textured latex and seem strong and durable, and you can buy them sized to fit, whoever you are, all of which is terrific.

So now I'm thinking they need to make a 62mm size just for me... :)
from USA on
Stores don't carry a ton of options on sizes, so this site was a great find for discovering a better fit.
For me, it was this 60mm by MY.SIZE. This product had the length it stated, stayed on tight, but didn't strangle with plenty of head room.
We always compare to Magnums, since that's the most common large size out there, but their reverse tapered shape doesn't work well for me.
This MY.SIZE also has less of an unpleasant smell/feel, which is probably due to chemicals on the other brands that this one doesn't have.
I don't always look for vegan, but one might assume that this being a vegan product inherently has less harmful chemicals/materials.

Big thumbs-up for MY.SIZE in giving many options of sizes in a quality product!
from Chicago on
Note: Product was used on a slightly lubricated uncircumcised penis for masturbation.

Did you enjoy the product would you use it again? Why?
The fit of this particular condom was literally perfect. On that basis alone, I'd definitely be game to use it again. However, it felt a little on the thicker side; though this could have been due to using the UniquePlus as my last condom, so it could be a totally reasonable thickness. I would definitely be game to use it again and with a partner though. There was enough room for my foreskin to move while still feeling secure around the base of my penis

How did the product fit/feel/perform?
So, some large size condoms are TOO big for me. They'll have the room I need for my foreskin to move (a sensation I much enjoy) but they'll be too loose around the base. Not so with this condom! It fit perfectly!

How did the product smell/taste?
Despite being a latex condom, it didn't have any amount of that icky condom smell. Did not taste.

How does the product compare to products you have tried (in this review)?
So, it's (not unreasonably) thicker than the UniquePlus, but being a standard condom it definitely applied just perfectly, and I was still able to enjoy feeling it around my penis. Definitely would recommend its use, though I'm slightly less excited to use one again than I am the UniquePlus
from Las Vegas on
The size is great, my only complaint is that the material is a little thick. Otherwise, it holds up great!
from away from dear auld Ireland on
Sweet!...a condom that fits & feels comfortable (I would like to try de next size up being 64mm to see if my foreskin would be happier)...leave it to de Germans to get it right!...well almost perfect/too thick:(
...if they made them with an ultra-thin version I'd be soo soo very happy:)
It felt like a dear auld leather-glove feels just right!...I would use it again/64mm version??...oh please say they make a ultra-thin version or will do soonio:)???
from Washington on
Eh, it's a condom. My default has been Magnum XLs for a while, so use that as a baseline.

For packaging, since this one came individually rather than as a strip of 6, it was easier to deal with. No worries about accidentally tearing open one or more of the condom wrappers while separating them.

Fit was somewhat better than a Magnum XL for me. Magnums are maybe a little tight, so a challenge for a partner to put on. Didn't try that this time, but it did seem slightly more relaxed than the Magnum. Absolutely no concerns about slipping, which I've had with some other larger condoms.

Feel was pretty typical for a condom. I didn't notice anything remarkable either way.

Overall, a little better fit and more convenience than what I've been using for years.
from GA on
Really wanted to like this condom since it's basically made for an exact fit, but my husband wasn't thrilled about it. He said that previous condoms that we've used are better, and it was too thick. I would be nice to not have to sacrifice great fit for thinness, or vice versa.

As for me, I would probably give it a better review since it didn't seem to hamper his erection and I wasn't able to feel the condom most of the time. It definitely smelled like latex, and I'm sure it tasted like it as well, but by the time the condom goes on, all tasting is done :wink:

If a thinner version was made, that would be awesome!
from USA on
Getting the condoms ready makes me start to get hard. Even so, putting on the condom should be fast, not distract when we're ready for penetration. The My.Size 60 was perfect, we loved it. It rolled on effortlessly, completely covered my c0ck, had space around the head and foreskin to let me thrust with sensual intensity, ejaculation felt unrestricted. We fuck3d with maximum pleasure, unaware of the condom, exactly what you want.

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