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Beyond Seven | Mega Big Boy XL - NEW!!

Beyond Seven | Mega Big Boy XL - NEW!!

6 reviews

By Beyond Seven / Crown / Okamoto

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Size: L - Larger Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

XL Condom Meets Ultra-thin Japanese Technology

The Largest Japanese Condom Available in the US.

Beyond Seven (brought to you by Okamoto) brings you Mega Big Boy. With a shaft measuring 57-59mm and a flared head measuring at 75mm, these ultra-thin sheaths are made from Sheerlon, an advanced extra-sheer material more advanced that standard latex. You'll notice the thinness of this condom provides an exceptional feel and without compromising strength. With a wider design and larger dimension than many large condoms, you'll find it offers a comfortable fit and extra-sensory pleasure with no latex odor.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking).

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Reviews for Beyond Seven | Mega Big Boy XL - NEW!!
4.5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
from USA on
Lucky Bloke added this as a free sample to my order of other-brand large condoms. Thanks, LB!

The highly refined Sheerlon latex is soft and flexible. The feel is comparable to SKYN's polyisoprene. That makes chemical sense because polyisoprene is latex without the impurities: made in a lab.

I dinged this otherwise fine product half a point because I like a straight-sided condom but these are bulbous at the business end. They are similar in shape to the Magnum BareSkin, though the Big Boy is a trifle larger.
from GA on
In terms of fit, my husband and I liked it. It wasn't too big or small, seemed to be just right. Doesn't have a noticeable latex smell. If a non-latex condom wasn't available, I'd use this, but it wouldn't be my first choice.
from USA on
We usually use magnum XLs, but they're not quite the fit...this one though however was perfect and felt more "real" ;) :)
from New York on
Excellent fit, works superb, no odor! Great product!
from Washington on
Not a fan of condoms due to the restrictive feeling but these ones accommodate my girth well. Would choose these over Magnums any day.
from Minnesota on
I am 6 inches long and about 7 inches wide (circumference). Most condoms feel very tight on me and cause numbness. These Big Boy condoms feel great, like almost nothing is there. These are the best condoms I've ever used
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