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Speed Your Partner Up, Slow Yourself Down...for Well-timed Pleasure
Welcome! If you're interested in climax control, we have a few excellent options. On the condom front, Durex Performax Intense condoms are perfect for the couple that wants support matching both of their needs. They feature a body heat-activated, desensitizing 5% delay lubricant on the inside for him, which helps to delay climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting enjoyment. And then, there’s ribs and studded texture on the outside to insure maximum mutual pleasure for the receiving partner. As with the original Performax, the fitted shape insures that the delay lubricant stays safely on the inside. 

If you're looking to truly control your stamina, without compromising pleasure, you'll want to check out our range of climax control sprays. These highly rated sprays can be used with or without a condom and will optimize your performance without numbing you completely and/or ruining your experience. Promescent is definitely our best-selling and customer favorite. Bonus: it has a trial size. Be sure to check out the reviews.

Further, you can you turn any size or type of condom into a climax-control condom, with DESENSITIZING (delay) SPRAY or LUBE!

Gentlemen, DESENSITIZING CONDOMS are highly recommended if you require additional stamina support – you will likely be pleasantly impressed by their effectiveness. On the other hand, if you don't truly require this type of condom, numbness and a difficulty to climax are more likely to be your experience.


Reviews for Durex | Performax Intense
4.4 out of 5, based on 17 reviews
from Indiana on
Never thought I would increase time in bed, amazing condoms would definitely recommend.
from Texas on
Works Well, keeps sex going on longer!
from Texas on
Work awesome definitely does the job would recommend
from NC on
Product does what's intended my partner is a rookie so sex is usually pretty fast but lasted a while with the condom we actually had to take it off half way thru but it definitely helped us both enjoy the moment together
from USA on
These worked fairly well. We liked how long they made him last and the fit was perfect.
from Spain on
It does what is meant to do.
Don’t let the girl use her mouth on you if you take it off, she’ll recognize the lube taste right away. I had to replace it with another to finish.
For the dots and ribs, I don’t think it’ll be really effective if the girl is experienced.
Give it a shot if you wanna try a prolonged experience.
from Michigan on
The condoms did that of numbing and very well. My partner came a long time before me and I went soft before I came. Needless to say we had to take the condom off she got me hard again with her hands and we put a normal condom on and had sex for an additional 10-15 minutes before I came. I thought they would help but when I went soft because I couldn't feel anything I did not like these condoms. Sex total was about 30 minutes
Report was sent succcessfully.
from Texas on
It works as expected. Just a heads up, these are dotted condoms. For us, that does make a difference, but may not make a difference to others (note: the Trojan ones are plain). We alternate between both, but personally I prefer the Durex ones.
from Rochester N.Y. on
Works as advertised...Maybe a bit small but results were big!
from New York, NY on
I don't really have a premature ejaculation problem, but I was curious to try out this condom as well as the Trojan Extended Pleasure. This one was much better, the desensitizing lube wasn't nearly as intense and I was able to extend my stamina, while still being able to stay erect and ultimately finish (which can't be done as easily with the trojan equivalent). If you want to sample a desensitizing condom, but don't necessarily have the stamina problems, I'd give this one a try.
from australia on
they work a little bit too well, i think i may have gone for too long
from London on
Very good and good pleasure. It can improve your sex life as it gives you extra time in bed
from U.S. on
This condom felt pretty nice: durable, natural-feeling, comfortable, and fit alright (albeit a wee bit short). I've used the Trojan Climax Control condoms and the Pasante Infinity comdoms, and the Durex Performax desensitization is somewhere in between: pretty light numbing, but definitely felt after a few minutes.
from United States on
These are awesome! Reduces the male sensation and increases hers. We love it. Give a try you won't be disappointed!!
from Canada on
Found the Trojan extended pleasure to be more effective but still worked ok
from Northern California on
My wife and I tried the Trojan brand with disappointing results until we used the Durex Intense. Wow! Jack pot, Bingo.Using the proper size condom was the most important finish to our Happy Evening. Thanks
from NYC on
I find that I really prefer Durex Performax condoms over Trojan's delay version. For me and my wife this is an even better option than the originals. She enjoyed the texture and it did help us to get to the same point and orgasm together. That doesn't always happen for us and was really nice.

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