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EXS | Air Thin - NEW!!

EXS | Air Thin - NEW!!

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Size: M - Medium / Standard Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

Blokes, Ready to Get Lucky?

One of the (very) thinnest condoms available, measuring at 0.045mm, these ultra-thin condoms are a top-category-competitor. Note: other "thin" condoms, typically, measure around 0.065mm thick (or thin - depending on perspective).

Designed for comfort and feeling (much) closer to your partner, EXS Air Thin condoms are made from extra thin latex – specially developed by EXS.

EXS condoms, from the UK, are made of 100% all-natural superior latex to ensure reliability and maximum comfort. EXS condoms meet or exceed international standards.

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Reviews for EXS | Air Thin - NEW!!
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from USA on
First off, I noticed that there was not a lot of odor to these at all. I mean usually you open up the package and just immediately get the sealed up odor, but these did not give off that at all.
I found them to be very pleasant and comfortable during sex. This condom was used with an uber lube (silk) and while I found that to be quite slippery it was still useful. I wasn't a big lube user, but definitely didn't want any breakage, so we opted to use lube.
They reminded me a lot of the Japanese kinds-the ones that have the big "004" on the package. I can't necessarily say one better than the other, but my spouse did notice a slight, more positive difference in a natural feeling.
from California on
Coming from Trojans ENZ was like night and day. These are far superior to any normal store-bought condom I've tried for a few reasons.

1. SMELL: these smell like vanilla! not like latex at all
2. THICKNESS: the material is some kind of space-age ultrathin plastic which just kinds of clings to your skin without having to put a lot of pressure on. didn't feel like it was choking me like other condoms. there was a fair amount of slack but it stayed on perfectly the whole time!
3. SENSATION: incredibly surprised how close to bareback this felt. I wanted more "skin-to-skin" sensation and these definitely delivered
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