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ONE Glowing Pleasures are a glow-in-the-dark condom FDA-approved for the prevention of pregnancy and disease. Glowing Pleasures has a patented 3-layer process to ensure safety! The center layer contains a non-toxic phosphorous pigment sealed by the inner and outer layers of regular latex, similar to other condoms. Expose to light for 30 seconds for up to 30 minutes of glowing fun. ONE condoms meet all latex condom safety standards. Innovative, indeed. 

Reviews for ONE | Glowing Pleasures
3.9 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from H.I. on
Average sensitivity, gets the job done, but it's the fun factor is why you buy this condom. Cool concept, will buy one or two more with every order just for sh*ts and giggles.
from WA on
I was hoping to look like a lightsaber with this product (lol), but for me the glowing was uneven. I "charged" the condom by holding it near a lamp but when using the condom, it looked more like glowing rings than one solid glow. Still nifty, just wasn't what I expected.
Also, I generally use 47-49 mm condoms but this (a 53mm) was fine. It wasn't loose so I wasn't afraid it would slide off.
from Illinois on
Fun condom...just remember to hit it with some light first to make the glow last as long as possible. Great novelty if you are looking for a little extra fun in the dark.
from United States on
I absolutely loved it and so did my husband! It was really fun to use although it wasn't supper glowing but still very visible in the dark.
Both enjoyed the ones we bought !
from United States on
it's definitely a fun condom choice and they are fda approved, the only problem I have is the size, I'm not sure if the glow in the dark material is less elastic than normal condoms but this condom was too small for me, it left a painful red mark on my penis and I use regular, not large size condoms, normally with no trouble of the sort, these should be marketed as snugger fit glow in the dark condoms
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Oct 30, 2014
While we are sorry this happened to you, this is fantastic feedback. Thanks for letting us know.

For those of you reading this, if you have had a similar experience would you drop us a line?

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